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In This Episode: Linux Foundation's CII Continues to Fund Open-Source Security Efforts, Linaro CEO Briefly Talks About Project Ara During The Linaro Connect 2015 Conference, Custom Linux malware used in brute-force attacks, ARM takes on IoT security with Offspark buyout, Microsoft, Samsung settle contract dispute over Android patent payments, Mission: ?Funding all those small but important open-source projects, Red Hat, NEC to Create OpenStack Platform for NFV, First Ubuntu phone is ready for launch


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In This Episode: Ubuntu powered Meizu MX4 to hit market early 2015, Linux- based AUV maps Antarctic sea ice thickness, Cimcor's CimTrak Master Repository Now Supported on Linux, Quad-core media player runs Kodi/XBMC on OpenElec Linux,
In This Episode: Linux still owns supercomputing, 4 ways Docker is remaking Linux, Intel's MICA fashion bracelet features Linux and 3G data, SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching Now Available, Fedora Linux Set to Abandon Firefox over Advertising Issue,
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In This Episode: Linux Foundation fuels open-source drone efforts, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.6 arrives, Linux botnet 'Mayhem' spreads through Shellshock exploits, Machine vision COM and cameras go Linux, Wind River Linux taps Yocto 1.7,
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In This Episode: OpenELEC 4.0 released, offers simple XBMC 13 install for standalone devices, Full Bore now available on Steam, 10% off during launch window, Possible Linux version for GRID Autosport: Codemasters,
In This Episode: Linus Torvalds Named Recipient of the 2014 IEEE Computer Society Computer Pioneer Award, Embedded Linux Yocto Project(TM) Announces AMD and Mentor Graphics as New Advisory Board Members, Linux engineer builds Raspberry Pi-based Piphone...