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Expert answers to your questions in World Football: The Phone-in from BBC Radio 5 Live's Up All Night programme.

International friendlies under the microscope in this week's edition. Dotun's joined by Paul Sarahs, 'The Legendino', and the irrepressible (we have tried) Seth Bennett....
The Legendinho, Tim Vickery, and European football expert Mina Rzouki join Dotun Adebayo to discuss how to combat possession football played by the likes of Spain, where did it go wrong for Ronaldinho, and why Roma won't challenge for the Serie A...
On the latest edition of the world football phone in - "the Legendio" Tim Vickery and football commentator, Paul Sarahs look ahead to the Confederations Cup final between Brazil and Spain in Rio and finds out about football corruption in Turkey....
Tim Vickery and Durosimi Thomas join Dotun to talk fotball in Africa and Latin America. On the menu; the Maracana debacle, FIFA's meeting in Mauritius and Luis Suarez's wobbles at Liverpool.
Tim Vickery and Durosimi Thomas join Dotun to talk all things World football. They start by taking a walk down memory lane and discuss football stickers.
Tim Vickery and Sean Wheelock join Dotun for a truncated World Football Phone- In this week because of live coverage of the capture of the Boston Bombing suspect. This edition includes a question about how big TV contracts affect football leagues around the world.
The peculiarities of World Cup qualification laid bare (sort of) and are English clubs as good in Europe as they think they are? The Legendinho, Tim Vickery, is in Rio, Mark Gleeson's in Cape Town and Dotun's in Salford.
The Legendino, Tim Vickery and The Colonel, Mina Rzouki looking at football in Europe and Latin America. What does Italy think about the Paulo Di Canio controversy?
WF: WFPI 30 March 13 March 30, 2013
On the latest edition of the world football phone in - "the Legendio" Tim Vickery, Durosimi Thomas and Seth Bennett look at the 12th round of the World Cup qualifiers, Brazil's friendly in London and the bizarre Rio stadium closure that leaves the city without a venue for major games.
WF: 23 Mar 13: Zagallo March 23, 2013
Tim Vickery and Sean Wheelock join Dotun for the usual chat about world football. We'd also understood that we'd be joined by Brazilian football legend Mario Zagallo. That didn't happen, but Tim did get to practice his Portuguese with Mario's son Paulo.
Dotun's joined by Seth Bennett in the studio, the Legendino in Rio and from Addis Ababa, Durosimi Thomas. This week Durosimi gets his shirt name, Ghana's footballing woes discussed and why was Mexico '70 so special?
WF: 23 Feb 13 Feb. 23, 2013
Tim Vickery, Sean Wheelock and Seth Bennett discuss Kris Boyd's potential return to the SPL and Chelsea's new Chilean teenager Cristian Cuevas.
The Legendinho, Tim Vickery's in Rio, Mina Rzouki's in London and Mark Gleeson is in South Africa. They all join Dotun to discuss, amongst other things, the African Cup Of Nations, the closure of the transfer window and a shirt name for Mina.
Tim Vickery, Durosimi Thomas and Seth Bennett discuss football in South America and Africa and of course covering the Africa Cup of Nation.Plus Didier Drogba gets a special mention.
Dotun's joined by Tim Vickery, Seth Bennett and Mark Gleeson for a look ahead at the Africa Cup of Nations, discussion of Wagner Love's best position and also much talk of trainspotting.
North American and South American football. With Sean Wheelock in Kansas and Tim Vickery in Rio
Tim Vickery and Andy Brassell are joined by Seth Bennett to talk football. On the menu; Zlatan's goal, Neyman's penalty miss and the revelation of the departure of the Top Brass. Also, a gentle hazing for the new boy Tim Hague.
Dotun Adebayo is joined by Tim Vickery in Rio and Durosimi Thomas in Ethiopia to talk about world football.
South American and European football with Tim Vickery and Andy Brassell
Tim Vickery and Lester Smith join Dotun Adebayo to talk about football in Central and South America, including a discussion on whether Bob Marley should have chosen football instead of reggae.