5 Live's World Football Phone-in

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Expert answers to your questions in World Football: The Phone-in from BBC Radio 5 Live's Up All Night programme.

Tim Vickery and Arlo White discuss fan behaviour
Why are African team names so unusual and what's with all the lonely hearts?Dotun Adebayo is joined by Tim Vickery in Rio and Durosimi Thomas in London to talk European and African football and explain, sort of.
WF: 22 Sep 12 Sept. 22, 2012
Tim Vickery and Sean Wheelock join to discuss (mainly) football in the Americas.
Tim Vickery and Durosimi Thomas join Dotun to discuss ...among other questions...who is the greatest ever player from their continent.
Tim Vickery and Andy Brassell discuss all the deals at the end of the August transfer window.
Tim Vickery and Lester Smith join Dotun to talk football across the Americas and ponder life without a shirt name.
Tim Vickery and Andy Brassell join Dotun to look forward to England's quarter final with Italy. Is Gerrard and Parker the ideal central midfield partnership and how do they match up to the best in the world?
Analysis of England's performance in the European Championship after their 3-2 win over Sweden. Tim Vickery and Andy Brassell join Dotun for the World Football Phone-in.
A look ahead to the 2012 European Championship with Tim Vickery and Andy Brassell
It's a World Football Phone-in special from Grenada. The Legendinho, Tim Vickery, the Big Wheel, Sean Wheelock are joined by special guests Lester Smith, the technical director of the Grenada football association and Ian Burnett, the sports editor at the Jamaica Observer Newspaper. North American, South America and in the …
The Legendinho Tim Vickery and the Top Brass Andy Brassell join Dotun for a look ahead to Chelsea's clash with Bayern Munich in the Champions' League Final
Legendiho Tim Vickery and Luke Moore join Dotun for this week's World Football Phone in. We Kick off with a question about one footed players.
On the latest edition of the world football phone in. It's the "Legendio" Tim Vickery and the "Top Brass" Andy Brassell with a little help from 5Live's Pete Saull and Seth Bennett taking a look at Latin American and European football, covering topics such as the Copa Libertadores, the Luis …
Dotun is joined by the Legendinho, Tim Vickery, and the Big Wheel, Sean Wheelock, to discuss football in America, North and South. A Brazilian shirt is awarded and Dotun sings...but don't let that put you off.
New boy, Luke Moore, who produces 'The Football Ramble', joins old lags Dotun and Tim Vickery to talk about football here, in Europe and the Americas.
Tim Vickery, Ross Fletcher & Dotun take your calls on football in America north and south - and try to find Ross a shirt name.
Andy Brassell and Tim Vickery join Dotun for this week's football chat. Up for discussion this week, what is a genuine number nine and....fat footballers? And ever wondered how the WFPI all started? find out in this episode.
Tim Vickery in South America and Ross Fletcher in North America join Dotun to discuss FIFA ethics and the best punch-ups ever in world football.
Tim Vickery, Andy Brassell and 5live's Seth Bennett join Dotun for this week's football phone in. This week we discuss everything and anything, including what animals have invaded the pitch. Plus Tim's knowledge of players from the Falkland Islands is astounding.
Part 2 of the 4 hour world football phone in special. More from Dotun and friends plus the missing Sean Wheelock makes it as a final hour substitution for Arlo White.