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DISCUSSED: the joys of a movie that reveals itself over multiple viewings; good storytelling is difficult but so rewarding; as you know, Bob, a lot of movies have that Walk Hard problem; Merlin has questions about Dan's day-to- day in Travis County; people are cooking the books; why do so many people have the Extremis virus these days?; we could still make a big dent; and, finally, wow, the demands for performance sure can be exhausting.


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This week, Harry and Dave talk about starting a side hustle, balancing hobbies and side projects with your 9-5, and turning what you love into a viable business.
Jeff and Christian welcome God-tier streamer Trikslyr back to the show this week to discuss 343 reacting to the Halo Infinite reveal backlash as well as that game going free to play for multiplayer, Netflix announcing more video game IP shows and movies, and new data that suggests not having …
Horace shares his thoughts on Apple's Q2 earnings call, takes some #CriticalQuestions and mutters, 'Oy Vey.'
It's hard to build a crappy bridge.
Covid updates, movie pushbacks, and more movie news to depress you. Co-host: Dan Richardson
This week, Brittany is joined by Haroon Ahmed, a programmer from Coventry, UK. He is a Hacker, Rubyist, and open source contributor. They discuss his latest contribution to Rails (--minimal) and how OS can open up career opportunities for developers.
Your hosts explore the many, intertwined complexities of trying to figure out "the future" right now.
Home Work 235: Email July 28, 2020
Dave and Harry dive deep on email, including apps, plugins, and best practices.
Jeff and Lana Bachynski welcome Patrick Dees from the Fan Controlled Football League to the show this week to discuss Microsoft's big Summer of Games event, the Xbox Games Showcase. Halo Infinite, Fable, and everything in between! Plus, the crazy Nintendo Gigaleak, Ubisoft keeping next gen games at $60, the …
John and Dan discuss free-floating anxiety, escape doors, and the path to riches.
Natalie Kudanova is a product marketing manager for JetBrains RubyMine, an IDE for Ruby and Rails developers. She and Brittany discuss the best way to reach Ruby developers and IDE innovations.
This week is chock full of the news you love! Some new reviews (right?), Covid news, and of course: speculation. Plus: Does North Dakota exist? Co-host: Dan Richardson
There's really only one topic right now, and it's not going away any time soon. The future, if it exists, is going to be very weird.
Harry and Dave discuss (and rant about) Apple's new Work from Home ad before shedding some light on best practices for separating work and home life, managing a team, and proper communication.
Jeff and Christian welcome Kahlief Adams back to the show this week to discuss Project Xcloud streaming being added to Xbox Gamepass, PS5 doubling production, the Google Stadia Connect, and more! The Playlist: Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs Legion, Ghost of Tsushima, Superhot Mind Control Delete, Predecessor, CoD Warzone, Donkey …
A timely episode for the employers hiring and the Ruby developers looking for work during the pandemic. After a heartfelt story, Brian Mariani, founder of Mirror Placement, revealed hiring patterns and honest advice for these unprecedented times.
This week we do a little bit of the same 'ol, same 'ol. Lots of news about multiverses and... well... more multiverses. PLUS "Power Rangers", "Fast 9", and a review of "Palm Springs" - Hulu's newest darling. Co-host: Dan Richardson
A surprising amount of knife talk.
Harry and Dave briefly gush about their new favorite email app, then deep-dive into Dave's quest for a workable daily routine. If you've been struggling to get a grasp on how you spend your time each day, this is the one to listen to.