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Jeff and Christian welcome indie game writer, designer and consultant Nick Suttner back to the show this week to discuss the Ubisoft Forward event, the Nacon Direct event, and the Devolver Digital event, as the Summer of Games roll on! The Playlist: Creaks, Lonely Mountains: Downhill, Earth Defense Force 5, …
The time John went to New York but didn't stay.
Brittany guested on the Ruby Blend! The hosts counsel her on opensourcing her googlepay gem. They then dive into how important README's are, useful tools for documentation and RSpec API documentation.
This week we phone it in. I don't know... shoot a couple three pointers. Joss Whedon is a dick. Hamilton is awesome. We remember "Darkman". AND MORE! Co- host: Dan Richardson
Dave and Harry talk about all the apps and services that let you capture and process text throughout your daily life.
Main topic involves some thoughts on the Apple betas and the tantalizing future that they imply.
Jeff and Christian welcome Adam Leonhardt from Megadads back to the show this week to discuss abuse against voice actors on Twitter, a new higher price for next-gen games, a version of 2020 in which the Xbox Series X releases in August, and more! The Playlist: The Last of Us …
This week we dive into the news and sound better than ever! Movie delays a plenty, movie theaters being pushed back, and even more Covid news. PLUS a bunch films being made we don't need but MANY we do! A breakdown of the two different "Pirates" movie installments we're getting …
Vladimir Dementyev is a mathematician who found his happiness in programming Ruby and Erlang, contributing to open source and being an Evil Martian. He is the author of AnyCable, TestProf and an advocate for building monoliths with Rails Engines.
Horace looks back on WWDC 2020 and shares his thoughts on Apple Silicon and the road ahead.
This week's discussion includes audio interfaces, politics, and the world.
The things we can and cannot do anything about; the things that can and cannot change; and the wisdom to know *all* of the differences.
Harry and Dave break down all the apps they use to run their work and personal lives on their iPhone homescreens.
Jeff and Christian welcome the writer of Mortal Kombat 11, Injustice 2, and the Image comic book Heart Attack, Shawn Kittelsen to the show to discuss new Cyberpunk 2077 info, new Marvel's Avengers info, new Rocksteady DC comics game info, and a possible subscription to the Xbox Series X hardware! …
The cat is out of the bag! Nick Schwaderer is back to answer all of Brittany's questions about his new role at Chef. They also dive into graphic design/typography, Ruby's popularity and the new minimal Rails app skeleton generator.
This week we spend a ton of time on KEATON! What's he up to and why it's ruining Keith's dreams. PLUS: A list of awful shitheads. And some news on movies coming out - but seriously... a LOT of shitheads. A pretty big entry in the WTFDWNT file, and what …
Dan and Merlin take a first look at Apple's recently-announced iOS and iPadOS updates.
Harry and Dave talk about personal growth and how we can improve our skills, our careers, and our skillsets using online courses.
Jeff and Christian welcome Parris Lilly from Gamertag Radio to the show this week to discuss this year's EA Play event, including the gameplay reveal for Star Wars Squadrons and more! Plus, the new Cyberpunk 2077 delay and what it means for Holiday 2020. The Playlist: The Last of Us …
Merlin addresses the complexity of treating mental illness in a way that doesn't upend your body and life.