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This week we talk more about what theaters are doing, when "Tenet" is coming out, and ACTUAL box office numbers thanks to DRIVE-INS! Plus info on who is still filming, Ewan MsGregor is a bug, and what "Gladiator 2" may have looked like. Co-host: Dan Richardson
Kelly Sutton is a software engineer at Gusto on their application infrastructure team. He and Brittany discuss his project, TestDesiderata, and his latest blog post, "From 25 Minutes to 7 Minutes: Improving the Performance of a Rails CI Pipeline".
John talks with Dan about Seattle's Autonomous Zone.
Iain Broome stops by to discuss compartmentalizing your time between work and family life, running side hustles while fulfilling other obligations, building a successful email list, and his Fully Armed and Operational Writing Shed.
Jeff and Christian welcome Kristine Steimer from What's Good Games back to the show this week to discuss Sony's big Playstation 5 event, including all the big reveals: Spider-Man Miles Morales, Gran Turismo 7, Resident Evil Village, Horizon Forbidden West, and more! The Playlist: Having all finished game, all three …
Colby Swandale is a Ruby Engineer at Envato in Melbourne. He is also a core contributor to the Bundler, RubyGems & RubyGems.org projects. He guested on the show to introduce his latest project, Ruby API.
This week we're talking about the future of movie theaters, YA authors, and entitlement. Plus some spoilers! Co-host: Dan Richardson
Dan and Merlin talk about hot dogs.
Dave dives into his daily workflow and how he keeps track of his schedule, his email, his task lists, and more.
Jeff and Christian welcome Cicero Holmes back to the show this week to discuss the Kingdom of Amalur remaster, EA Access coming to Steam, a long lost Avengers game, the Destiny 2 event, and more! The Playlist: Valorant, Treachery in Beatdown City, The Outer Worlds VR Talk: Elite Dangerous, Tetris …
Horace on COVID-19, empathy and being manipulated by, among other things, the Harry Potter books.
Tommy and Adam discuss the latest developments in artificial intelligence, include a massive leap forward in face swapping for pets and (the obviously less important) autonomous vehicle accident prevention. Also, watch out for ambient computing!
John and Dan discuss the current situation.
A special message for our listeners. In lieu of speaking for ourselves today - we'd like to highlight some Black filmmakers and podcasters who's voices are desperately needed right now.
Harry and Dave discuss all the various forms of communication we deal with day to day, from email to Zoom and everything in-between. Check out the episode page for links to all the apps and services mentioned
Expanding on our new thought technology for reframing negative thoughts and feelings.
Jeff and Christian welcome Shareef Jackson from Rivals of Waterdeep back to the show this week to discuss PS5 exclusives, the first pictures of Super Nintendo World theme park, Cate Blanchett as Lilith in the Borderlands movie, and more! The Playlist: MK11 Aftermath, Ori Will of the Wisps, Streets of …
This week we talk about yet another movie casualty of theaters being down, "Labyrinth 2", Disney's first gay MAIN character, Blumhouse's "Spawn" and much more! PLUS all the info we know about #snydercut! Co-host: Dan Richardson
No news this week just a thank you and a Merry Holi-whatever from Keith and Dan!
How can we benefit from a disruption?