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Jeff and Christian are joined by Anthony Taormina from Gamerant.com to talk about the very best games of 2019! Armed with their personal top 5 games of the year, they must come to a consensus to crown the official DLC Game of 2019!
John and Dan discuss clothing and danger devices.
It's three's company! CoverMyMeds' engineers, Anne Richardson and Alex Miller, guested on the podcast to discuss CMM's remote developer culture, approach to microservices and commitment to the Ruby community.
This week we chat news on 'Bill & Ted', 'Power Rangers' and that indie darling 'Rise of Skywalker' coming out soon. Plus what we really think about 'Cats'! Co-host: Dan Richardson
Dan presents a curious new bathroom project.
Jeff and Christian welcome Kahlief Adams from Spawn on Me to the show this week to discuss all of the big announcements and awards from The Game Awards 2019, including Xbox Series X, Hellblade 2, Fast & Furious Crossroads, and more! The Playlist: Star Wars Jedi the Fallen Order, Death …
Horace muses upon Air Pods Pro, Aramco and HomeKit.
This week we talk about the "Ghostbusters - Afterlife" trailer, the "Wonder Women 1984" trailer, why patty Jenkins should rule the movie industry, Snyder bullshit, why Keith is torn on "Shrunk" - and what's Marvel up to!? Co-host: Dan Richardson
DISCUSSED: Drafts for Mac is out!; check out Damon Lindelof on The Watch; suggestions for HomeKit power strips; and responses to listener letters on rediscovering the joys of physical media and getting started with addressing chronic pain.
DeeDee Lavinder currently works as a Backend Engineer for Spreedly and is a Director with Women Who Code Raleigh/Durham. She helped Brittany understand how encoding works, how Ruby handles encoding issues, and how to strategically debug encoding snafus.
Jeff and Christian welcome Stella Chung from IGN to the show this week to discuss Riot Games giving their characters to other developers, Valve putting In the Valley of Gods on hold, the 2 SKUs for the next Xbox, and more! The Playlist: Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, Darksiders Genesis, …
The English ivy biomass.
This week the boys chat movie theories, how the theater industry is doing, and what's going on in the 'Uncanny Valley'. "Cats" stuff, "Star Wars" stuff, "Endgame" things, and more! Co-host: Dan Richardson & Hashi The Wonder Dog
Music management alternatives and Dan's new laptop
Jeff and Christian welcome Kate Yeager from Inside Xbox to the show this week to discuss exclusives for the next gen Xbox, Stadia's broken promises, no VR for Xbox, and more! The Playlist: Forza Motorsport 7, Forza Horizon 4, Outer World, Disco Elysium, Star Wars Jedi The Fallen Order, Pokemon …
John and Dan talk about turning points.
Your hosts undertake the beginnings of what could become an extensive series on reclaiming control of your own media
"At the top of the episode, we say it's episode 59. Disregard. -Keith" This week is chock full of Episode 9 dealings and hot takes! Plus - who gets capes in "Black Adam", who the smartest exec's thought should play Harriet Tubman, and so much more! Co-host: Dan Richardson
Joe Leo is the CEO of Def Method, an agile Ruby software consultancy, and the co-author of The Well-Grounded Rubyist, Third Edition. He and Brittany discussed functional programming in Ruby and their thoughts on the Ruby community after Rubyconf 2019.
Jeff and Christian welcome Lana Bachynski from Riot Games to the show this week to talk about WolfEye Studios, the announcement of Half-Life Alyx VR, and the possibility of an Amazon game streaming service. The Playlist: Ring Fit Adventure, Control, Breath of the Wild, Monster Hunter, League of Legends, Heroes …