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Brittany is live from Rubyconf 2019! Noah Gibbs is a Ruby Fellow for AppFolio, working on the core Ruby language and related tooling. Noah now believes that communicating with humans may not be a passing fad, and he's trying it out.
This week we dive into more news! Snyder cut, Henry Cavill's closet, 'Sonic' rumors, and more! BONUS: Red carpet interview from "Fantastic Fest" with Stephen Lang (Avatar, Tombstone) right before the premiere of "VFW". Co-host: Dan Richardson
updates on travel and packing a new notebook Merlin likes finding a notebook that accommodates both your brain and the shape of your day Merlin's bespoke six-block notebook method Dan struggles mightily with his hotel room a notional badge for gauging lifetime exposure to a ubiquitous TV celebrity some more …
Road Work 169: The Soil Nov. 18, 2019
John and Dan discuss the ambition treadmill.
Jeff and Christian welcome Alanah Pearce from Inside Gaming and FunHaus back to the show this week to discuss Microsoft's X019 event in London announcing Tell Me Why, Grounded, Everwild, and more, and the Google Stadia launch lineup. The Playlist: Star Wars: Jedi The Fallen Order, Afterparty, Need for Speed: …
Horace breaks down AAPL earnings and explores real estate villainy.
Our worst episode ever. Enjoy!
This week is full of news and TONS of people back on their bullshit. All the Disney+ reactions, what the industry is doing with CGI dead people - and what franchise Keith NEVER wants to die. Co-host: Dan Richardson
Bindiya Mansharamani, Director of Engineering, & Andrew Derenge, Principal Engineer at RigUp joined Brittany to discuss RigUp's GraphQL design choices, engineering culture and the career path to achieve senior and director level.
Jeff and Christian welcome Catarina Macedo from Xbox to the show this week to discuss Outer Worlds' high sales, Valve and Apple partnering on an AR headset, Death Stranding's Twitch numbers and more! The Playlist:Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, Afterparty, Luigi's Mansion 3, Death Stranding VR Talk: Pistol Whip Parting Gifts!
John and Dan talk about school.
This week the boys talk ALL about the new castings for "The Batman" - plus what went wrong with the new "Terminator". What Bette Midler might be up to, who's doing what to animals and so much more! Plus - if you're in Austin - we have cool news for …
Ali Spittel loves teaching people to code. She blogs a lot about code and her life as a developer. Brittany and Ali discuss the lessons behind Ali's blog post, "The Career Advice I Wish I Had".
Dan is getting a Synology, Merlin has been making stuff, plus the return of "Cool Things I Learned This Week."
Jeff and Christian welcome twitch streamer HayliNic to the show this week to discuss all the news out of Blizzcon and more! The Playlist: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, CS:GO, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, Diablo 4; Diablo Immortal; Overwatch 2, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Death Stranding Parting Gifts!
John might be shrinking.
The movie news you love: now 100% more sicker! Benioff and Weiss leave Disney for Netflix, "Sonic" re-design, reboots on reboots, plus a whole lot more! Co- host: Dan Richardson
Gannon McGibbon is a Software Developer at Shopify. He primarily works on improving codebase health of Shopify's monolithic Rails app. He joined Brittany to discuss his latest blog post, "How to Write Fast Ruby on Rails code".
Could iPhone : 2010s Apple :: Windows : 1990s Microsoft?
Jeff and Christian welcome Tim Longo from DevGameClub back to the show this week to discuss Xbox Game Pass a Taco Bell, delays on all the big February games, Fallout 76 getting a monthly fee, and more! The Playlist: Eternal Darkness, Doom, Doom 2016, Sigil, Mini Metro, COD: Modern Warfare, …