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This week, Dan and Merlin talk about Apple's OS rollouts, changes in Apple retail, and week two with the new Apple Watch.
Jeff and Christian welcome Ray Carsillo to the show this week to discuss the new champs of the Overwatch League, a tease for a new Batman game, Oculus Connect 6 announcements, and more! The Playlist: Gears 5, Mario Kart Tour, NHL 20, Control, Spec, Bleak Sword, Last of Us Part …
Horace reflects on his umbrage, and more!
John owns a jacket worn during the Kennedy Inaguration.
Brittany is delighted to have Dan Benjamin, podcaster, writer, software developer, and old school Rails aficionado on the show. He is the founder of the 5by5 Podcast Network and Fireside, a podcast hosting and analytics platform.
LIVE FROM FANTASTIC FEST!!!! Keith and Dan are joined by legendary podcaster Doug Benson (Super High Me, Doug Loves Movies), Director Ari Aster (Hereditary, Midsommar), and actor Justin Long (Accepted, Movie 43, Galaxy Quest, Waiting)! No news this week - just a ton of shit talk between people who really …
This week, Dan and Merlin focus on the new Apple Watch.
Jeff is back! And he and Christian welcome big time Hollywood director Dan Trachtenberg back to the show this week to discuss new comments from Hideo Kojima about Death Stranding, a possible release date for Last of Us 2, a new Terminator game, and more! The Playlist: WoW Classic, Link’s …
The importance of sanctuary.
Dan has an automotive collision anecdote, while Merlin has thoughts on how preparation fails us in extreme moments.
All the news you want - now with 600% more class! Whiskey drinking, hot takes and more! We chat Funko news, "Jurassic" short, and the death of Moviepass! PLUS "Ghostbusters 3" news, what "Joker" is already getting right, and much much more! Co-host: Dan Richardson
Brian Mariani is the founder of Mirror Placement, a Ruby on Rails focused recruiting firm based in Boston. He joined Brittany to reveal how the Rails job market is doing, what accompanying technologies devs should learn & key interview tips.
Kahlief Adams: Ring Fit Adventure, Apple Arcade, Project Atlas, Project Resistance, Borderlands 3, Gears 5, Celeste Chapter 9, Control
Jeff and Christian welcome Allegra Frank from Polygon.com to the show this week to discuss 100 hour weeks at Rockstar, Xbox Game Pass coming to PC, more Resident Evil games coming to Switch, Destiny 3 rumors, and more! The Playlist: Red Dead Redemption 2 Parting Gifts!
In the first half of this special double episode of The Critical Path, Horace shares his thoughts on one of the first, and most powerful, corporations ever, the Dutch East India Company and how its impact can still be felt. Later on (54:00), in advance of Apple’s upcoming event in …
Tommy brings in a long list of Android app reviews that make no sense. He and Adam discuss the phenomenon of weird reviews online and why they exist.
This week we talk about Gwyneth Paltrow's Rescue, Freddy Kruger gossip, the best on screen Steve Austin - and more! Special Guest: Nakia! Straight from season one of The Voice - one of the best musicians in Austin, Tx!
Discussed: nailing it, the optimistic valence of Tuesdays, difficulties finding replacement parts on Amazon, headphone preferences, Alexa's service outage and new whisper mode, Austin's big water crisis and what it says about epistemology, reason, and society, plus 20 years of The Big Lebowski.
Jeff and Christian welcome itmeJP from Dropped Frames and RollPlay to the show this week to discuss 100 hour work weeks at Rockstar, a new pixel perfect Sega Genesis system, a delay for Days Gone, and maybe no Diablo 4 after all? The Playlist: Soul Calibur VI, Call of Duty …
Prompted by his recent visit to Apple Park, Horace examines the history of the company town, its job to be done and wonders who lives in them today in another special edition of The Critical Path.