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Learn and practise useful English language for everyday situations with the BBC. A weekly instruction manual for saying or doing something in English is published every Thursday.

Russia is getting ready to introduce a tough new anti-smoking law, in a country where nearly one third of the population are smokers.
A well-known British novelist has compared Kate Middleton to a "shop-window mannequin with no personality of her own". Find out more about this here.
Do you 'love' tall buildings? In 6 Minute English we step inside the European Union's tallest skyscraper: The Shard.
The Canadian penny is being retired. Could you live without your smallest coin?
Have you ever wondered why the news is full of death and destruction? Kaz and Finn decide to take a look at some good news in this week's 6 Minute English.
Learning how to behave in polite society: a new course for boys at English schools is proving popular. Callum and Jennifer talk about it in this week's 6 Minute English.
A company from the Netherlands is planning to send a group of people on a one- way trip to the planet Mars. What kind of people are needed to take part in such a mission?
A message from the Second World War attached to the leg of a dead pigeon has proved difficult to understand. Callum and Neil learn more about secret codes and messenger birds.
Jen and Callum talk about schoolchildren in America who are experimenting with kindness.
William and Helen talk about some common viruses that have been around for millions of years.
Alice and Kaz talk about an ancient prediction that the world will end on 21 December 2012.
Are cyclists and motorists at war on the streets of London? Alice and Rob talk about gladiators in lycra.
Omnishambles is the Oxford English Dictionary's 'Word of 2012'. Callum and Neil discuss the word and its origins.
6 6min: Pain: 16 Nov 12 Nov. 16, 2012
Callum and Jennifer talk about the subject of pain and what life is like for someone who doesn't feel it.
6 6min: Blood: 9 NOV 12 Nov. 9, 2012
Callum and Jennifer talk about blood. Can your blood type influence your character and personality?
6 6min: Ear worms: 2 Nov 12 Nov. 2, 2012
Alice and Rob talk about ear worms - the music which plays inside your head over and over again.
Neil and Jen discuss a new piece of Japanese software which brings science fiction closer to fact.
Neil and Jen discuss a new report in the UK suggesting that relaxing drug laws could be the key to tackling the problem.
Neil and Jen ask whether writing on a piece of art is an artistic act or just plain vandalism.
Jen and Neil discuss a potential cure for cows' milk allergy in babies. But has science gone too far?