A Little Bit of Python

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Panel discussions about the latest news in Python's development.

An interview with Armin Rigo of the PyPy interpreter project, recorded at the January 2011 PyPy sprint.


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Older Episodes

A discussion from the restaurant at EuroPython; pour yourself a glass of something before listening.
A 15-minute grab-bag episode: * Python 2.7 final released. * Python 3's status. * New conference videos released (http://pyconau.blip.tv; http://kiwipycon.blip.tv; http://scipy.org). * The unittest2 module. * Visual Studio to gain IronPython support.
A 16 minute interview between Michael Foord and Christian Tismer, recorded at PyCon 2010. Christian Tismer is a long standing member of the Python community and, amongst other things, he is the original creator of Stackless and has worked on both psyco and PyPy. In this interview we discuss all …
Several topics are covered in this 40-minute episode: * Python 2.7 beta 1 released. * PEP 3147: New bytecode directory layout. * Google's Summer of Code beginning. * SEC proposes mandating Python's use in financial filings. * PyCon interview: Dr Tim Couper * How to Fund Python Development * Python …
We discuss the significance of the Global Interpreter Lock (or GIL) and recent work at improving it, PEP 3148 proposing futures as a new asynchronous execution method, some recent IronPython work, and a new Python podcast.
An interview recorded at PyCon 2010, Atlanta, with Antoine Pitrou. Antoine Pitrou is the core CPython developer responsible for creating the "new-GIL".
Richard Jones organizes the PyWeek game programming challenge (http://www.pyweek.org/). Richard and Andrew discuss how the challenge is run, what sort of games people write, and the libraries that are used.
9: Bits of News March 22, 2010
We discuss a variety of recent news items: some recent CPython changes, the new PyPy 1.2 release, crypto support and Debian packaging for IronPython, the PyWeek game programming contest, upcoming conference plans, and upcoming podcast plans.
Steve Holden interviews Mark Shuttleworth, founder of the Ubuntu project and a keynote speaker at PyCon 2010.
7: Unladen Swallow March 15, 2010
PEP 3146 proposes that the Unladen Swallow branch, which adds a just-in-time compiler to Python, be merged into the main Python repository. We discuss what Unladen Swallow does, and what impact it's likely to have.
Michael Foord interviews Van Lindberg, conference chair for PyCon 2010 in Atlanta GA, on the success of the conference, plans for the 2011 Atlanta conference, and his work as an intellectual-property lawyer.
We discuss a few of the new features in Python 2.7.
4: What To Do At PyCon Feb. 7, 2010
We discuss the features of the upcoming PyCon conference, and how to take best advantage of the event.
We cover the status of the transition to using Mercurial for the Python source code, the first alpha release of Python 2.7, and the recent controversy over adding commenting to the Python Package Index.
In this episode, we discuss how talks were selected for the upcoming PyCon conference, and what else is being planned.
A round-table discussion of the moratorium on Python language development and whether Python 2.7 will be the last of the 2.x series.