K for Knapping Feb. 9, 2011

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Andrew meets Karl Lee- a full time primitive technologist and flint knapper. The manipulation of flint and other similar types of stone is the oldest and longest continued form of technology known to man. The first known stone tools date back well over two million years; although crude in appearance, these early tools possessed the single characteristic that was to ensure the use of flint until relatively recent times. Flint and other similar types of stone could be fractured to produce an extremely sharp edge, and it was this characteristic that was so important to our prehistoric ancestors. http://www.azbushcraft.com For …

A-Z of Bushcraft & Survival video series displays the art of living and learning in the natural environment. Reviewing modern equipment for the outdoors life in this series of Bushcraft videos, Andrew Price demonstrates how to feel at home within woodlands, wilderness and coastal regions. He will show you how to develop a wide range of skills and knowledge that would have been second nature to our ancestors.Survival and preparedness skills at the click of your mouse.