TEOTWAWKI movie - making a drama out of a crisis Feb. 25, 2012

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http://teotwawkimovie.com Andrew Price will star in a survival movie TEOTWAWKI (or The End of The World as We Know It) is not a story of disaster but of inspiration and community. We will imagine a world after fossil fuels have been depleted and the economy has collapsed. Our movie will mix documentary with drama to explore possible scenarios. Our movie will explore survivalist mentality, security, permaculture, low impact living, renewable energy, wild food, and off-grid living.

A-Z of Bushcraft & Survival video series displays the art of living and learning in the natural environment. Reviewing modern equipment for the outdoors life in this series of Bushcraft videos, Andrew Price demonstrates how to feel at home within woodlands, wilderness and coastal regions. He will show you how to develop a wide range of skills and knowledge that would have been second nature to our ancestors.Survival and preparedness skills at the click of your mouse.