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614 614 Choosing a Flight School July 29, 2020

EPA aviation climate control proposal, airline furloughs, military pilot flying experience, Airbus autonomous A350, Delta Airlines simplifying fleet, Garmin outage, Australia News Desk, discount code, choosing a flight school. The post 614 Choosing a Flight School appeared first on Airplane Geeks Podcast.


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Chris Manno’s 42 years as a professional pilot, industry Q1 losses, production cuts, furloughs, and layoffs. Airline and airport safety measures, Federal bailout money, a hybrid-electric aircraft, and the Treaty on Open Skies.
601 601 Business Aviation April 29, 2020
The CEO of Imperium Jets explains the current demand for business jets, Airbus lays off 3200, Boeing pulls out of $4.2B Embraer deal and pushes back 737 MAX return to service, post-COVID-19 airline seat designs, American checked bag fees,
600 600 Live with a Studio Audience April 22, 2020
To celebrate our 600th episode milestone, we invited our audience to join us in a Zoom meeting. The fifty participants included our listeners, hosts, contributors, past guests, and friends.
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An aviation and space reporter helps us understand the current state of the aviation industry and where it might lead. We also bring you an inside look at how an article for an aviation magazine is produced.
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597 597 Bail Out Boeing? April 1, 2020
Bailout for Boeing and the airlines, FAA waiver of medical certificate enforcement action, the revocation of Collings Foundation passenger flights, an FAA RFI from low-altitude manned aircraft pilots, things to do at home, cosmic rays in the atmosphere.
596 596 In Flight USA Magazine March 25, 2020
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