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Ivan Aivazovsky was a XIX century marine artist. On each episode of our techno podcast, one of his paintings is used as artwork. New episodes are published on Mondays to over 50 streaming services, always accompanied by .WAV download and a tracklist. To submit a set for our podcast, go to

EXILLES Sept. 10, 2018

Exilles are a hardworking Turin-based duo who published 4 EPs in under a year and were featured on many more VA releases. Download • Tracklist:



Older Episodes

RI Sept. 3, 2018
A set by Ri.Download • Tracklist:
BURU July 9, 2018
Mikko and Ilkka Ihalainen are a duo from Finland who go by Buru. As their set will attest, the two are equally able in both mixing and selection.Download • Tracklist:
Hungary-based Kristopher Mørder has been working hard to bring his name to the forefront, publishing over a dozen EPs in a two-year span. Having had encountered his music it was a sure bet for us to invite him, and so we are gratified to present you his
STJOR June 4, 2018
We're glad to introduce you to a Poland-based DJ Stjor. In this commendable hour of strictly club-oriented selections he maintains a steady flow of direct and straightforward techno.Download • Tracklist:
MSBHV March 19, 2018
It's not often that folks from Switzerland stop by our podcast—which makes the vicious set of this misbehaving, Zürich-based duo all the more noteworthy.Download • Tracklist:
VISNEN Feb. 5, 2018
Helsinki-based Valtteri Väisänen a.k.a. Visnen offers his take on modern techno with a poignant selection of tracks that aptly complement each other.Download • Tracklist:
RX Jan. 29, 2018
Set by RX.Download • Tracklist:
DAITO Jan. 22, 2018
We welcome aboard Lenny Jäzosch a.k.a. Daito—a Berlin talent who, apart from having had established himself as a prime DJ over the past few years, has also recently recommended himself quite well as a producer.Download • Tracklist: http://aivazovskywaves
VALENTIN MASE Jan. 15, 2018
Berliner Valentin Mase does an outstanding job at breathing new life into the old school sound. His production, much in the vain of this set, pertains to industrial, fast-paced, full-assault brand of techno. Bravo!Download • Tracklist: http://aivazovskyw
R4H Jan. 8, 2018
Download • Tracklist:
RHETOR Jan. 8, 2018
Recorded by podcast's curator, our first podcast episode of 2018 is comprised of 200 lossless-quality tracks played in span of 4 hours. The entire process has been recorded on video, so you can know exactly which tracks are being played, and how they are
After a year of podcasting, we are ready to present you our first digital release. Aivazovsky Waves 2017 is a gathering of previously unreleased tracks produced by the artists who were featured on the podcast series in 2017, and it is available on Bandca
PHARMACEUTIC Dec. 18, 2017
In this episode, Buenos Aires-stationed DJ Rodrigo Cochere—stage name Pharmaceutic—serves up an hour of straight-up, heavy-duty techno, and does so with an enviable deftness.Download • Tracklist:
CLASPS Dec. 11, 2017
Ternopil-born Clasps is a promising producer and keen representative of Ukrainian techno scene. His preference lies within a rugged, bouncy sound, always spiked with a healthy dose of distortion.Download • Tracklist:
THE HUMAN & ASSETS Dec. 4, 2017
Akinori Ishii is a Japanese techno artist known as The Human & Assets. He runs the much-revered Kin-Ben Label and associated events in Tokyo known as Work Out. This set is here to give a taste of his distinguished performance style, as well as his immacu
D12R Nov. 13, 2017
Originally recorded and published in 2015—disappearing from public access shortly thereafter; recovered, remastered, and re-published on Aivazovsky Waves.Download • Tracklist:
R Nov. 6, 2017
Classics of past decades are merged together with some of the recent works, in this episode of our podcast.Download • Tracklist:
-2 Oct. 30, 2017
Lisboa-based producers Pedro Cravo & Vasco Guerreiro are the originators of a techno act known as -2 (menosdois). Their compelling productions, in addition to an unusual and bold choice of name, made them an appealing choice for our podcast.Download • Tr
KASPIANN Oct. 23, 2017
This podcast episode is delivered to us by Helsinki-stationed Kasperi Koskelo a.k.a. Kaspiann, and it would be best described as the one with easy flow, nocturnal ambiance and complete absence of haste; a set comprised of gentle, contemplative techno mus