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And it's going to make your next iPhone or Galaxy phone a lot harder to break.


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The Bronco and the Defender both have some serious history behind their nameplates. We dig in to see which one takes first place.
This week's major tech headlines include Apple's plan to be carbon neutral by 2030, Xbox's Game Showcase reveals and Gorilla Glass gets tougher.
Apple recently released a report urging people to stop closing their MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with a cover over the camera because it might damage the laptop's screen. But what if you're worried about hackers spying on you through your laptop's camera? Is there anything to be concerned …
Mattel designers offer an early look at an upcoming Hot Wheels Character Car, modeled after The Child from The Mandalorian Disney Plus series. The die-cast toy has a few fun features that invoke the spirit of the mysterious Star Wars character known by many as "Baby Yoda."
Thursday, July 23, marks the return of Major League Baseball. The season will be only 60 games total, down from the usual 162, and the division lines will be redrawn to minimize teams' travel schedules. Here's how die-hard fans can once again enjoy America's favorite pastime.
We got to spend a few weeks with the Asus ROG 3 gaming phone and its performance blew us away.
Peugeot didn't like what this iconic sports car was going to be named.
In today's top stories, Microsoft gives the world a glimpse of the games coming to the Xbox Series X. Meanwhile, Google drops commission fees in hopes of enticing retailers.
Microsoft's Xbox Game Showcase revealed the company's next step for the Xbox ecosystem and just how heavily it relies on its Game Pass subscription service. Team Xbox debuted a number of new titles, including the first-ever look at Halo Infinite gameplay. Jeff Bakalar is here to break down Microsoft's big …
During its 2020 Xbox Games Showcase, Microsoft teased fans with a look at a new Fable game.
Turn 10 unveiled the first trailer for Forza Motorsport on Xbox Series X at Thursday's Xbox Games Showcase.
It might have a multicamera setup, 5G and a luscious design, but this phone is set to be surprisingly affordable.
The CEOs of America's biggest tech companies have been called to Washington to answer tough questions about just how much power they wield.
Better webcams, bigger screens more security and everything else our ongoing home office experiment needs.
LinkedIn exec Tomer Cohen discusses how the platform is adapting to the pandemic, advances in AI and machine learning and what else is afoot at the professional networking site.
Google has a new Nest smart speaker on the way. Here's everything we know so far and what I want from the product to make me excited about smart speakers again.
Today's major tech stories include Apple's carbon neutral plan, Spotify's launch of video podcasts and LinkedIn cutting 960 jobs.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says a second round of direct payments to families will be part of a coronavirus relief package.
The US Department of Justice is charging two Chinese hackers it's tying to cyberattacks intended to steal company secrets -- including against researchers working to develop a coronavirus vaccine.