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Linux Action News 45 March 19, 2018

Gnome's new tricks, our favorite thing about the Raspberry Pi 3B+, Eric Raymond's call for an open source UPS, and the US city that banned Bitcoin mining. Plus Let's Encrypt rolls out wildcard certs, Firefox 59's new Linux feature, and why Wil Wheaton switched to Debian.


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AsiaBSDcon review, Meltdown & Spectre Patches in FreeBSD stable, Interview with MidnightBSD founder, 8 months with TrueOS, the mysteries of GNU & BSD split
Netflix has a few tricks we can learn from, and the story of clever malware that was operating undetected since 2012. Plus we discuss Let's Encrypt’s Wildcard support and explain ACME v2. Then we detail the bad position Samba 4 admins are in & more!
It’s a special Coder with big announcements & we look back at five years of Coder Radio. We have witnessed a shift of power & it’s been happening right under our noses. From the battle for control of the server, to Amazon’s control over the Internet.
The House ends their Russia probe with a finding of no collusion, what is a bit shocking is the timing. Then we discuss possible motivations for Trump firing Rex Tillerson, the odd choice of Mike Pompeo what is going on with North Korea & more!
Timothy calls back and puts all the discussion about a streaming audio player to an end. Noah gives you a brief look at some of the hosted services you can host, or pay to have hosted, and of course your calls go to the front of the line.
This week Noah fills in for Chris while he's on his return journey from SCaLE! The guys get down deep on a variety of topics from screen sharing in Plasma under Wayland to the status of the GTK 'CommuniTheme' for ubuntu 18.04 and more!
Linux Action News 44 March 11, 2018
OpenWatch is trying to free your wrist and empower modular smart watches, Fedora's solution to the IoT mess & more AMP shenanigans from Google to take over the web. Debian and Kali land on Windows 10's Linux Subsystem & Noah joins Chris from SCaLE16x.
We come to you live from ScALE. Chris joins us for the episode and we offer some updates on some SimpleHelp confusion. Ben calls us for an update on his MacBook & more, all in this weeks episode!
We’ll cover OpenBSD’s defensive approach to OS security, help you Understanding Syscall Conventions for Different Platforms, Mishandling SMTP Sender Verification, how the cd command works & the LUA boot loader coming to FreeBSD.
This week we talk about the OSS projects and closed source alternatives that make your job as an IT admin a piece of cake. We talk to Ben who wants to know if he can get Linux on his MacBook, the mumble joins us & a distro elimination challenge update.
We chip away at a larger meta topic this week, but before we get there we share a batch of community news, live technical feats & a random post show.
Chris is on the road & Mike’s been reflecting. Plus we answer some of your questions, which snowball into some much larger discussions. Then Mike’s made a list & he’s checking it twice.
Linux Action News 43 March 5, 2018
Developers are the new gold rush for OEMs and selling Linux is their way to get you to buy. Purism takes big steps to make their laptops more secure, the Linux kernel is ready for lockdown mode, and the new uses for Sailfish just might surprise you.
Niche Busters | CR 298 March 3, 2018
Mike’s back from a conference in New York & to say he’s got a few things on his mind is putting it mildly. Strap in as we rip through myths, lies & salesmen.
How the term open source was created, running FreeBSD on ThinkPad T530, Moving away from Windows, Unknown Giants, as well as OpenBSD & FreeDOS.
The term serverless gets thrown around a lot, but what does it really mean? What are the benefits & the drawbacks? Plus new research with ideas to improve private web browsing, the growing problem of tracking security vulnerabilities with CVE’s & more!
Scott Israel suddenly finds himself embroiled in controversy over his agency’s response to the recent school shooting. Plus Trump’s surprising response & more!
This week we ask the question who can you trust in the linux media space? What kind of shows do you want to listen to, and what kind of talent do you look for when you listen to podcasts. We break it down for you, plus your calls in this …
Linux apps are coming to ChromeOS via containers, Fedora is going for better battery life & what is going on with Xfce? Plus Ubuntu MATE’s cool new tick & we take a look at crankshaft: raspberry pi + android auto + free software + love.