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197 197: FUD Fighters! Aug. 8, 2014

There's a new Android L developer preview build, but you probably don't need it. (Not that that will stop you.) Plus, we debunk all the Facebook permissions FUD, find out what's up with the Google Play Music deauthorization limits, and we answer more of your questions live on air.


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Join us for more on Android Wear, where Motorola's at these days, Android L and the rumored "Shamu" Nexus device, HTC and Windows Phone 8 (yes, really), and loads more of your questions!
Another week, another epic podcast. The summer doldrums are officially over, as we go nearly 90 minutes on the new Amazon Fire Phone (it's not as bad as you might think), the new NVIDIA Shield Tablet, Motorola leaks and more!
194 194: Bearded Men of Genius July 19, 2014
We're live! With beards! (Well, some of us are.) This week on the Android Central Podcast: We get our hands on the HTC One E8, the LG G3 is finally available in the U.S., and more thoughts on Android Wear. Plus we answer your questions live!
193 193: The Right to be Forgotten July 12, 2014
Think you can handle a second week of Android Wear? We know we can, and we know a lot of you finally have watches on your wrists as well. Plus, some heated discussion on Europe's "Right to be forgotten" law.
192 192: All About Android Wear July 4, 2014
We take up nearly this entire episode with Android Wear. What is it? Why would you want it? What is the smartwatch you have to have? Plus we answer your questions, live on air. Join us for the smartwatch revolution!
We were in Seattle this week for the launch of the Amazon Fire Phone and T-Mobile's latest "Uncarrier" events, and they both were big ones. Plus we give some last-minute thoughts on Google I/O before next week's developer conference. Join us!
Welcome to another week of the Greatest Android Podcast in the World! And this one's gonna be a doozy. We've got some big app news with SwiftKey going free, and 1Password finally releasing a good Android app.
We've got the full review on the LG G3 — my god, it's full of pixels. Plus we'll take a look back at Apple's iOS 8 stuff, and whether that really means the end for Android (hint: It doesn't). And, as always, more of your questions answered live.
It's another edition of the Greatest Android Podcast in the World. And once again we've got some new toys. Alex has the LG G3 and is bringing it for show and tell. Plus Andrew has the latest (and last before release) software for the OnePlus One.
186 186: Phil says relax May 24, 2014
Verizon launches some sort of snazzy better LTE service, Google+ shakes things up, we lose our scthuff over Google recognizing that there's more to advertising than phones and tablets, Secret hits Android — and that's just in the first half-hour.
We're back with a bunch of new releases this week, including the Moto E and the HTC One Mini 2. Plus we've got a bunch of great new app releases, and we tackle more of your questions lives. Join us!
184 184: Londoners in Paris May 9, 2014
We've got the new Huawei Ascend P7 in the house. Andrew's still giving the OnePlus One the what-for. And we're chomping at the bit to see new stuff from LG and, eventually, Motorola.
183 183: Jerry Don't Settle May 3, 2014
We've got the OnePlus One in our hot little hands. We've got the announcement of a new version of the HTC One M8, the Sony Xperia Z2 appears destined for Verizon, more on the Amazon smartphone, Samsung's new camera smartphone, and LG's next event.
182 182: We are the walking dead April 25, 2014
This week's gonna be a busy one. The OnePlus One is finally official. IFTTT is now available for Android. And +Vic Gundotra is leaving Google! :(
181 181: Fix yer stuff!!! April 18, 2014
What'd you miss on the most recent Android Central Podcast? No spoilers, but something about a petulant young king, a mother of dragons and a young girl seeking to avenge her family. Plus, a leading astrophysicist walks us through the cosmos.
180 180: He runs a tight ship April 11, 2014
Oh, what a tangled week we weave. We — and a lot of you folks out there — now have the Samsung Galaxy S5 in hand. Plus we're getting in deep with Amazon Fire TV. Plus we're answering a lot of your questions this week. And there might even be ...
179 179: Amazon Fire TV! April 4, 2014
Phil, Jerry, Andrew and Alex are back to wrap up the week that was, including the [Amazon Fire TV]( "Amazon Fire TV") and HTC One M8 Google Play edition. Plus we answer a whole bunch of reader questions.
178 178: The M8 Overload March 28, 2014
The all-new HTC One M8 HTC One M8 review HTC One M8 Dot View Case Zoes, Duo effects and video highlights on the HTC One M8 These are the new HTC One colors Google Play edition HTC One (M8) now available to order
Phil and Jerry are joined by special guest Russell Holly of to talk up this week's LG G2 event from New York City, more on the Moto X now that we've got a solid week's worth of use out of it, the latest Nexus 7 drama — and more ...