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ANNCast is the official weekly podcast from Anime News Network, the internet's most trusted anime news source since 1998. Hosted by ANN's senior staff (each with over a decade in the business), the show is a laid-back, fun and frank discussion about Japanese animation, its audience and its industry -- often revealing secrets about how things really work. Guests include prominent figures in both the business of anime and the fan community.

Zac and Jacob didn't know going in that From The New World would become one of the best anime they've ever seen, but it sure was a nice surprise. Guest Max Holl joins the discussion.
Zac and Jacob take a break before Spring Preview Guide to wrap up the winter season, hype up the spring and discuss the FLCL rebirth, the Escaflowne kickstarter and more!
ANNCast - Beat The Clock March 17, 2016
Ann Tomoko Yamamoto got Time of Eve off the ground on Kickstarter, and now she's back with the beloved - and underseen - shojo dramedy Skip Beat, which has a big crowdfunding mountain to climb.
ANNCast - Criticproof March 4, 2016
Zac and Jacob discuss the Psycho-Pass movie before gabbin' about anime criticism - what makes a good review, the mistakes they've made, and much more.
ANNCast - Buncha Crunch Feb. 19, 2016
Victoria Holden and Evan Minto, the hosts of Crunchyroll's weekly podcast Crunchycast, finally stop by ANNCast to talk about what it's like working at Crunchyroll, the glory and the struggle of social media, and winter 2016 anime!
Daryl Surat and Mike Toole return to Supernerds headquarters to chat about Turn A Gundam, Evangelion 3.33, Fullmetal Alchemist and much more! PLUS: a license announcement from Discotek!
ANNCast - Outlaw Star Jan. 29, 2016
Zac, Hope and special guest Karl Olson reach into the pantheon of Toonami classics and return with Outlaw Star, seemingly everyone and no one's favorite sci-fi action-adventure. Beware of psychic cacti.
Otaku USA editor Joseph Luster stops by the show to talk about his long and impressive career as an anime writer, and what it's like working for the last remaining anime magazine in America.
Zac Bertschy and Hope Chapman duke it out over Konosuba, gush over Lupin III and hash out the rest of the winter 2016 anime season!
Snuggle up with your loved ones next to the yule log and take in the classic Christmas anime, Itsudatte My Santa, with your hosts, Zac Bertschy and Hope Chapman.
ANNCast - Tutu Time Dec. 18, 2015
Hope Chapman and special guest Rose Bridges attempt to convince Zac that the beloved ballet-themed fantasy shojo drama Princess Tutu is the masterpiece everyone claims it is.
ANNCast - Custom Zaku Dec. 11, 2015
Zac and Hope talk about One Punch Man, Iron Blooded Orphans, Noragami, Utawarerumono, Digimon, a whole lot of other anime, and at no point do they discuss Star Wars.
The folks from Sekai Project, who just released a little visual novel called Clannad in English for the first time, are taking the visual novel world by storm. Today, they stop by ANNCast to talk about the past, present and future of the company.
The X Button's Todd Ciolek and Fast Karate's Dave Riley once again return to ANNCast to talk all things video games: Undertale, Final Fantasy XIV, Fallout 4 and much much more!
Right Stuf CEO Shawne Kleckner returns for a round of the tough questions: what's up with Gundam in the US, the state of the industry in 2015 and much more!
ANNCast - Ghoul Runnings Oct. 30, 2015
Justin Sevakis returns to ANNCast just in time for Halloween to answer a bunch of spooktacular and spooktacularly off-topic questions! Hope and Zac are along for the ride. One-Punch Man, Miss Hokusai, Expelled from Paradise and more!
ANNCast - Angel Beatings Oct. 23, 2015
Jun Maeda's tearjerking afterlife dramedy Angel Beats failed to melt Zac's cold black heart, but Hope Chapman and Brady Hartel are here to tell him why he's wrong. Here come the waterworks!
Brady Hartel joins Zac and ANN's interest editor Lynzee Loveridge for an in- depth discussion about the new fall anime season, and a whole boatload of other stuff! One Punch Man, The Perfect Insider, Concrete Revolutio and more!
Funimation's Justin Rojas and brand manager Jennifer Fu stop by to announce some new fall simulcast shows, tell us what's up with Evangelion 3.33, discuss what it takes to sell anime to Americans, and much more!
Daryl Surat and Mike Toole return to the Supernerds headquarters for a couple hours of easy, breezy anime talk! PLUS: Metal Gear Solid 5, Symphogear, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust and more!