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ANNCast is the official weekly podcast from Anime News Network, the internet's most trusted anime news source since 1998. Hosted by ANN's senior staff (each with over a decade in the business), the show is a laid-back, fun and frank discussion about Japanese animation, its audience and its industry -- often revealing secrets about how things really work. Guests include prominent figures in both the business of anime and the fan community.

Zac and Lynzee plow through a whole bunch of the Spring 2020 anime season premieres, discuss the latest news, and in a fit of quarantine madness, revisit the 1996 classic Space Jam!
Zac and Lynzee grab their oversized swords and make the terrible decision to put themselves through all three animated versions of Kentaro Miura's classic, screaming, bloody, sexually violent BERSERK! Plus some other stuff.
ANNCast - Beastar Trek March 20, 2020
Zac and Lynzee take on Orange and Netflix's smash hit animal drama Beastars - plus our recommendations for the best shows to watch while you're quarantined!
Zac and Lynzee go in-depth some of this season's biggest shows - Smile Down The Runway and Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! Plus, Onward and our top 5 Pixar flicks, this week's news and more!
Special guest Callum May from The Canpia Effect drops by the show for a discussion about the anime industry's serious problem with animator overwork - plus the Crunchyroll Awards and more.
It's movie time! Zac makes Lynzee watch sneak previews of My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, Masaaki Yuasa's gorgeous Ride Your Wave, and, naturally, Sonic the Hedgehog. Because of course they did.
It's an All-Puppets episode of ANNCast! Zac and a very special guest dive into The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance before going on a journey with Gen Urobuchi's fantastic series Thunderbolt Fantasy!
Zac, Lynzee and special guest Evan Minto drop themselves into the abyss in an in-depth discussion over what the term "anime" actually even means anymore in an era of aggressive rebranding.
Zac and Lynzee tackle Makoto Shinkai's two biggest films - Your Name and Weathering With You, plus our favorite premieres of the Winter 2020 season and more!
Zac and Lynzee catch up on the news, dive deep on Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken and Stars Align - and also suffer through Tom Hooper's CATS, because of course they did.
Zac and Lynzee go deep on The Rise of Skywalker - and then dive in to our top 5 anime and movies of 2019!
Zac, Lynzee and special guests Mike Toole and Daryl Surat go on an incredible and intense journey counting down their top 10 anime of the last 10 years - along with yours! It's a wild ride and the biggest show in ANNCast history!
Zac, Lynzee and special guest Dawn from the Anime Nostalgia Podcast transform and power up for a rowdy conversation about the long-awaited official release of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars!
Our special guest and returning champion Shawne Kleckner comes back to the show to talk bestsellers, give us his insider take on the anime industry and much more!
Two queers - Zac Bertschy and the legendary yuri anime and manga expert Erica Friedman - together celebrate 100 years of yuri!
Zac and Lynzee strap in for a double feature of The Lighthouse and The VVitch, plus Tomino vs. Shinkai, Taika Waititi's Akira, Blackfox and No Guns Life!
It's another Halloween Movie Swap, followed by the big Ghibli news this week and then Zac and Lynzee count down their top five favorite anime of all time!
Zac and Lynzee swap some horror movies for the official start of the Halloween season - plus this week's Masaaki Yuasa news, and a bunch of Fall 2019 anime premiere chat!
Zac and Lynzee tackle Todd Phillips' controversial new Joker movie, plus their favorite Batman movies, this week's hot news and the Fall 2019 Anime season so far!
Zac and Lynzee ready their broadswords and passionately scream at the heavens for a double feature of historical fiction - Ridley Scott's Gladiator and the brutal Viking epic Vinland Saga!