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ANNCast is the official weekly podcast from Anime News Network, the internet's most trusted anime news source since 1998. Hosted by ANN's senior staff (each with over a decade in the business), the show is a laid-back, fun and frank discussion about Japanese animation, its audience and its industry -- often revealing secrets about how things really work. Guests include prominent figures in both the business of anime and the fan community.

ANNCast - Quite A Number Nov. 18, 2016
Zac and Jacob catch up with Yuri on Ice, Girlish Number, All Out and much more, plus your Twitter questions!
Discotek's Brady Hartel stops by to talk about what this boutique DVD and bluray studio has been up to, including Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie and the latest, greatest Lupin anime!
A week full of Episode Fours won't stop Zac, Jacob and special guest Dawn from going on and on about Yuri on Ice, Girlish Number, Flip Flappers, Shelter and much much more!
ANNCast - Shin Godzilla Oct. 21, 2016
Zac and Jacob do battle with Anno Hideaki's political hot take, Shin Godzilla. PLUS: Miss Hokusai, Yuri on Ice, Girlish Number and much much more!
ANNCast is back! Zac and Jacob return to pull apart the Fall 2016 anime season! Is Keijo a real sport? Did anyone make sense of Occultic Nine? Is Girlish Number the best show of the season? Come along and find out!
ANNCast - Gurren Lagann Sept. 9, 2016
Zac, Jacob and guest Eryn Dearden drill to the center of the 2007 smash Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann to discover if, after a whole decade, this bombastic blockbuster still has that burning manly spirit.
Zac and Jacob welcome Crunchyroll brand manager Miles Thomas to goof around for an entire hour about Danganronpa, Orange, Re:Zero, cake vs pastry donuts and much much more!
Mike Toole and Daryl Surat are fresh off the plane from Otakon 2016 and they're here to tell the tale! PLUS: Char's Counterattack, Berserk and much more!
ANNCast - Hater Patrol Aug. 12, 2016
Zac and Jacob didn't intend to sound like a pack of haters when discussing Mob Psycho 100, but here we are.
Jason DeAngelis, Adam Arnold and Lissa Patillo from Seven Seas Entertainment, scrappy indie publisher of the hit manga Monster Musume, stop by ANNCast for a wide-ranging chat!
ANN reviewer Sam Leach joins Zac and Jacob on a blood-soaked journey through the first few episodes of Berserk, along with Danganronpa discussion and much more!
Zac and Jacob wrap up Anime Expo 2016 and dive right in to the brand-new summer season - Berserk, Orange, Love Live Sunshine and much much more!
Zac, Jacob and their guest Nick find themselves emotionally connected by the wounds they endured watching Trigger's sensationally artistic spring series, Kiznaiver
E3 is over so that means it's time to talk videogames with Todd Ciolek, Dave Riley and Heidi Kemps! The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Resident Evil 7, Overwatch and much more!
Yurei: The Japanese Ghost author and Shigeru Mizuki translator Zack Davisson stops by to discuss The Birth of Kitaro, machine translation, the chilling world of Japanese ghosts and more!
Dawn from the Anime Nostalgia podcast stops by to debate which era of retro anime is objectively the best one, but we get completely sidetracked discussing this week's Super Lovers. You've been warned.
Zac wants Jacob to explain why Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is more than just another Attack on Titan - plus Sakamoto, Tanaka-kun and more with special guest Lauren Orsini
Zac took a trip to the Lost Village and wants answers from Jacob and special guest Nick Creamer, who joins the show for some live questions and a whole lot of debate about this season's big shows!
ANNCast - RahXephon May 6, 2016
Zac, Jacob and a special guest revisit the beautifully composed and thoughtfully constructed Evangelion-alike RahXephon after putting it off for way, way too long.
Zac and Jacob wrap up the spring season and pick their favorites from the lot, including My Hero Academia, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress and much much more, plus live questions!