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Peanuts! Why do pubs have them? Monkeys! Why does Gibraltar have them and the rest of of Europe doesn't? Pickled eggs! Why does anyone eat them? We can't answer that third question, but tackle the others and more in AMT376. Find out more about this episode at Send us questions for future episodes: email written words or voice memos to Tweet us Facebook Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Hear AMT episodes 1-200, all five of our special albums, and our Best Of compilations at Hear Helen Zaltzman's podcast The Allusionist at, Olly Mann's The ...


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Older Episodes

Retro AMT189 July 18, 2019
Travel with us back to August 2011, when AMT went outside for the first time and recorded an episode at the Green Man festival in Wales. We sound annoyingly hyper and Olly gets stung by a wasp twice, so you might understand why we never went outside...
Scratchcards, Pincushions, and Sherlock Holmes on coke
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New Year's resolutions, gilets, and McDonald's mayonnaise
St Nicholas's Sidekicks, Joseph and Mary's Marriage, and Slime
IKEA Meatballs, the Popemobile, and a Years-Long Lie
Retro AMT154 Oct. 18, 2018
Brought up from the AMT cellar is AMT154 from 28 October 2010, wherein our past selves consider Kenneth Branagh's Frankenstein, chocolate fountains, and how pre-fridge civilisations got ice. The original post about this episode is at...
LASIK, Hand Modelling, and a Dead Body in your Living Room
Retro AMT111 Sept. 20, 2018
Dredged up from the AMT riverbed is AMT111 from 1 October 2009, wherein our past selves consider sexy nuns, skip-diving, alien abduction and crinkle-cut beetroot. The original post about this episode is at
Sweet Caroline, Bible Minigolf and Beaver Bums
Retro AMT148 Aug. 23, 2018
Brought up from the AMT cellar is this vintage episode from September 2010 - you can tell it's a bygone era, because we are still fuming about the annoying couple from the BT ads. What an innocent time, when the thorn in Britain's side was their tepid...
Cranberries, Jesters and the Cruise Ship Wig Department
Retro AMT292 July 5, 2018
With Helen indisposed, Olly introduces a classic episode from the AMT archives: EPISODE 292. In which we discuss: Alexander Armstrong, McDonald’s weddings, Pop Tarts, Christmas booze, graphic design vs alternative medicine, tiny toaster troubles,...
Retro AMT69 June 21, 2018
Available for one month only, here's a classic episode from the AMT archives: EPISODE 69, DUDES! And it has questions to match its name: why does a questioneer's twin have a bigger wanger than he does? Why conduct a relationship via MSN? Would you...
Parliamentary Mace-Fights, In-Flight Magazines, and the Soupsoaker