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The Front Fell Off May 18, 2020

Sam explains the extended gaps between recording sessions and teeth. He and Becky discuss cognitive dissonance, Roman history, dogmatic thought, and data backups as they respond to listener feedback. Feedback In the same way that Hitler is dishonestly labeled as a atheist, I know for a fact that modern Christians will also do the same […]


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Older Episodes

On the precipice of a full decade of Ask an Atheist, Sam talks about the show and his increasing disillusionment with being a public atheist. Then, we talk about real-life Scooby Doo ghosts. Liberty It’s getting increasingly difficult to talk about ath...
Sparky On Ice April 13, 2020
Sam and Becky talk with Robert Ray, a frequent guest on Ask An Atheist over the years. He’s a Humanist Celebrant, podcaster, father, and electrician who is recently back to the US after spending a year in Antarctica.
We’re doing alright– and we explain a little of that in this Podcast Extra. We talk about what’s going around the house, what projects we’ve been up to, and why we don’t have a show today. How are you? Things We Mention Here’s where you can find the KT...
Doorknoblicker March 30, 2020
Sam and Becky remotely welcome Johnathan Arriola as they talk about hotdogs, religion in the era of social distancing, and the mystery of Trump’s religious affiliation. News Half of Americans don’t think Trump is Christian PA pastor “apologizes” for ho...
Era Dust March 24, 2020
Sam & Becky, from the safety of their home, welcome remote guest host Shujin Tribble as they contemplate parody ceremonies for cats, criticize craft store antics, and say bye (finally?) to the saga of Coach Joe Kennedy. Also: hotdogs. News Atheists,
Infernal March 12, 2020
Josh and Becky swat down charlatan cures for COVID-19, talk with Thomasin Satanlad about The Satanic Temple’s infernal ritual at the statehouse steps, and answer some listener questions. News Absurd claims about COVID-19/novel coronavirus cures and pre...
Leadership Track March 3, 2020
Becky returns from Camp Quest NW’s inaugural teen leadership retreat, Dan previews his tour of summer camp biomes, Justin fills us in on Russian election interference developments, and we all take a look at political perceptions.
Tastebud MMA Feb. 24, 2020
Dave and Josh help Command-line Deity Sam celebrate a numerically interesting birthday. They talk sports, booze, virulence, and Christian lawmakers, and mourn the untimely passing of a stunt-obsessed flat-earther.
Becky, Dan, and Luke discuss hoaxes, state legislation, college, Salish Sea conservation, rebuffed preachers, and mo(o)re. News Broom challenge hoax sweeps social media Franklin Graham left scrambling after UK venues cancel his events Roy Moore install...
Amoral Compass Jan. 6, 2020
Justin helps Dan and Becky make sense of the lead-up to the Suleimani assassination. Becky and Dan interview former CQNW camper Bailey about atheist adolescence, and we all chuckle at holy crop dusting. News US Military takes out key Iranian figure Pas...
Velociraptor Trebuchet Dec. 30, 2019
Generalissimo Sam gives his post-battle report from the War on Xmas alongside Dan and Josh. They discuss bird deaths, Trump, the Graham family, and vigilante justice for priest sex abuse victims. News Nativity Mary stolen from WA State Capitol lawn Tr...
Country AND Western Dec. 24, 2019
In Memoriam: Morgan Lambert. Nick, Luke, and Becky touch on xmas music, predatory tithing, a new biblical theme park, and domestic terrorist Matt Shea. They welcome author David Fitzgerald, who challenges the historicity of Jesus and his sexuality.
Slappernacle Dec. 16, 2019
Becky, Dan, and Josh express alarm regarding assumed entitlement to butts and tabernacles, governmental hand-waving around antisemitism, and religiously- tinged nationality tests in the US and India. Dan clarifies fish grunts for Sam,
Fish Grunts Dec. 8, 2019
Sam, Josh, and Luke follow up on yet another Kentucky license plate rejection, question the “wisdom” of sunning one’s nethers, comment on novel ways scientists are attempting to support dying coral reefs, and marvel at an immigrant’s ingenuity in takin...
Pancreatic Miracle Dec. 2, 2019
Nick, Becky, and Luke celebrate a “meow-raculous” recovery! They then talk about insidious proselytizing and coercion, charity (and its associated attached strings or misuse thereof), freedom of thought, and out-of-this-world role models.
In this podcast extra Sam, Dave, and Josh finish their thoughts about the impeachment proceedings. Sam also remembers that he has friends that are “preppers,” and tries to sound less like a jerk.
Ovarian Fortitude Nov. 18, 2019
This week Sam is back in the studio with no gimmicks. Josh and Dave hang out to discuss the nicest thing that’s ever happened to Dave, as well as school preaching gone wrong, “straight pride” parades, toxic masculine Christianity, and preppers.
The Summoning Nov. 11, 2019
Sam has officially returned! He, Josh, and Becky interview Camp Quest’s executive director Kim Newton and hear from camp leaders nation wide during the 2019 Camp Quest National Leadership Summit. News Gallup Polls find that rate of god-belief varies b...
Candy and Kickers Nov. 4, 2019
Becky, Dave, and Nick talk sports, Halloween, Satanists, and traditions new and old. News City commissioner decries Mexican festival to prevent summoning the dead Naval Academy midshipmen get Satanic Temple room Anti-adultery caning advocate gets caned...