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Back to Work is an award winning talk show with Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin discussing productivity, communication, work, barriers, constraints, tools, and more. and its After Dark post-shows, with Merlin Mann & Dan Benjamin.

558 Back to Work 558: Pseudism Dec. 14, 2021

Merlin's Best of 2021™ kicks off with the return of "Cool Things I Learned This Week."


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A classic odds and sods episode covering: Rush lyrics; personal pronoun tips; Fitness+ meditation; more melees with various voice assistant ecosystems; a big shout-out to the iconic Listener Rachel A.; and Merlin's newfound love of Keyboard Maestro.
The Boys are back, and they're not sure how big this thing gets.
Merlin starts tentatively sketching a unified field theory for rethinking how we think about and use space.
DISCUSSED: please stop changing the clocks; our kids are not us; the people of England have spoiled or corrupted several very good words; The Ellis Island Bit; surnames mean things; getting pelted with rocks and garbage; a Michael Penn playlist for 1 to 3.5 of you jackals; some Mad Max …
This is what happens when Merlin stays up til 2 a.m. watching a movie and then has to record a podcast at 9 a.m. Because, your day is a continuum.
Considering how best to set up a device that provides structure and motivation without all that beeping, beeping, beeping.
You hosts talk about music, Apple Watch, and getting out of your kid's way. Also: life and MacBooks Pro.
Your hosts dive further into browser extensions and why they're so critical to filtering your world.
Merlin shares a bunch of Safari extensions that do new stuff—or do old stuff in a cool or interesting way.
Scratching the surface of iOS 15's many clever and life-enhancing new features.
Dan and Merlin almost talk about iOS 15.
Reporting live from the show floor and looking at options for time tracking.
DISCUSSED: The rules of "Rabbit Rabbit"; exploring the magic of Domino's probability-altering powers; forests versus trees and past versus future; Chevy Chase and a familial ninety-ten inversion; and, finally, praise for Lulu Miller's mind-blowing thoughts on the downsides of imposing "order" onto chaos.
Nicholson movies; Synology yums and yucks; difficulties of shows about music; upcoming rabbit rabbit plans.
542 Back to Work 542: MRSA Mann Aug. 17, 2021
DISCUSSED: Catching up; Merlin's Travel Results; praise for "Best in Show" SCTV, and public libraries; Dan has a new computer.
A celebration of M1 devices, the benefits of learning how to learn, and considering when a new learning curve might be worth the climb.
Find the tool you need—but, keep asking yourself, "Soooooo…*now* what?"
Things get pretty silly, yet somehow land on some extremely Back to Work points about time management, compression, values, and moving your own goalposts. For some reason, McDonald's becomes an important controlling metaphor.