Basic Brewing Video

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Basic Brewing Video is all about brewing beer (and mead) and making it better. We also cook up some great food to go along with our tasty brews.

Talking to homebrewers at the annual homebrewers conference in Orlando.
James and Steve conduct an experiment in late hopping to see how the bitterness, flavor and aroma are affected. They also taste the ancho chili mead to see how it's coming along.
An experiment in late hopping. Also, tasting the ancho mead.
Splitting our mead and flavoring it up
The Great Mead Experiment continues as James and Steve split the mead into smaller batches and flavor each with wonderous things.
James cooks up an American Brown Ale, and Steve uses some of the brew in his New Orleans-inspired Gumbo Ya-Ya.
Pairing a dark, rich brew with a dark, rich dish
James and Steve embark on their great Mead Experiment - brewing up a big batch of this wonderful honey beverage.
The Great Mead Experiment begins!
James pops the top on the six-pack IPA, and Steve prepares a shrimp and scallop dish to go along with it.
Drinking the six-pack IPA and cooking
James and Steve bottle their six-pack IPA experiment and decide a bet from the guys at Big Foamy Head.
Bottling the six-pack IPA
James Spencer flies solo in this first stand-alone Basic Brewing Video episode. James dry hops the six-pack IPA.
Racking and dry hopping the six-pack IPA
Steve Wilkes joins James Spencer as they brew a little beer - literally. The guys brew up three quarts of IPA as a fun experiment.
Brewing up a little IPA
Tasting extract hopping experiment batches.