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William Hague says that the war against the recreational use of the drug has been lost
Are audits worth the paper they are printed on? An official reports suggests many are not
Medical cannabis June 18, 2018
The government is under pressure to review its approach to medical cannabis
NHS funding boost June 18, 2018
How will the government's £20bn NHS boost be funded?
Nick Robinson ponders whether England can live up to expectations
Brexit could cost families £1,000 a year, says a new study – but is that view too gloomy?
Nick Robinson questions Putin confidant Vladimir Yakunin about allegations against Russia
More money for the NHS? June 15, 2018
The government is expected to give the NHS a cash injection - but will it be big enough?
Nick Robinson speaks to four young Moscovites about their feelings for their country
Putin's World Cup June 14, 2018
Nick Robinson finds out the impact the World Cup is having on Putin's reputation
Gary Lineker and Eric Dier on World Cup 2018
Immigration cap June 14, 2018
Foreign doctors and nurses will be excluded from any visa cap under new immigration rules
The author was dropped from a judging panel after her comments on diversity sparked a row
At the Founders Forum on the outskirts of Watford, what are tech leaders talking about?
Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak on the prospects for peace in the Middle East
The secrets of soil May 17, 2018
How understanding the genetic make-up of soil can help us improve the planet's health
Two Israeli soldiers share their experience of serving in Gaza and the West Bank
At a time of increased tensions in Jerusalem, is any kind of peace process possible?
Sir David Attenborough speaks to us at the Temperate House at Kew Gardens
Reaction to the news that Amber Rudd has quit as home secretary