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Big Ideas brings you the best of talks, forums, debates, and festivals held in Australia and around the world, casting light on the major social, cultural, scientific and political issues

Can we really call a painting beautiful when it’s inspired by the ugliness of violence and death? Margaret MacMillan talks about the role of artists and writers in shaping our views on war. Due to copyright restrictions we can't provide a download or stream of this lecture.


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Margaret MacMillan says that war is a part of being human, so we need to examine it boldly. What motivates men and women to fight in a war? Why do we fear, but also love war? Due to copyright restrictions we can't provide a download or stream of this le
Margaret MacMillan explores the history of war. People throughout time have dreaded dead and destruction, but also benefited from the progress that war can bring. Due to copyright restrictions we can't provide a download or stream of this lecture.
Why successful women attribute their success to luck rather than hard work and talent and how Muslim women are challenging patriarchal readings of the Koran.
Co-operatives might be the answer to the challenges of the gig-economy. They can bring collective dynamics into an increasing individualized and complex work environment.
Australia as part of the Indo-Pacific rather than the Asia-Pacific and a new way to measure the balance of power in Asia.
Does coal fired electricity have a future in Australia? Or will we be powered by renewable energy? An expert panel discusses electricity prices, emissions, and where our energy will come from.
Aid programs to boost womens' income in poor countries claim to improve a woman's status. Do they really promote gender equality or simply reinforce traditional gender roles?
A vaccination expert pushes back against pervasiveness of pseudoscientists, quacks and dangerously misinformed activists. What are the Dos and Don’ts of successful science communication?
The world's oceans are under threat from plastic pollution and climate change.
Reimagining Australia July 23, 2018
Hugh Mackay is concerned that, despite decades of economic growth, Australia is in the grip of an epidemic of anxiety and depression.
Social media creates a parallel universe where individuals living suburban lives in western cities are drawn into radical extremism. Understanding how this works is vital to countering home grown terrorism.
Algae is the new ‘green gold'. On Big Ideas, an expert panel describes the potential of algae as a game-changing sustainable resource for numerous industries.
Reforming aid July 17, 2018
Does foreign aid really lift people out of poverty? With billions of dollars flowing from rich to poor nations we review how the money is spent and whether it's achieving its goals.
A panel of experts discuss citizenship, parliament, and the Australian constitution. Should we change Section 44 and allow dual citizens to stand for election? What is the true essence of citizenship?
Fred Chaney, formerly co-chair of Reconciliation Australia, calls for an end to heavy-handed government policies which disempower remote communities and ignore indigenous culture.
Indigenous singer-songwriter Archie Roach talks about his life as a child of the stolen generations and how it's shaped his life and music.
The monsters we create in our classical literature and modern pop culture say a lot about ourselves and our society. They reflect power dynamics, prejudges and irrational fears of their time.
Elijah was shot and killed by police in a NSW country town in 200. He was 24 and had a mental illness. Was his death avoidable?
With Brexit and Trump's tariffs on steel, the European Union believes that protectionism threatens global free trade. The EU is negotiating free trade agreements with Australia and other countries in our region. The EU trade commissioner was in Australia