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Big Ideas brings you the best of talks, forums, debates, and festivals held in Australia and around the world, casting light on the major social, cultural, scientific and political issues

Poet, Lemn Sissay, was taken from his mother and spent 18 years in the state care system in the UK where he was physically, emotionally, and racially abused.


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Human evolution is a million-year story. Yet language only appeared in the last 100,000 years. Psychologist Michael Corballis believes that language evolution is far older and more complex. He describes the connections between language and thinking and a
Let's celebrate cats on Big Ideas. And hear tales about courage, scarifying love, resilience and a strong spirit against the odds - and cats rescue us when life seems to be unbearably hard.
Should home owners subsidize social housing with a property tax? Low income earners struggle with high rents while home owners benefit from low taxes and booming real estate markets. Revenue from a property tax could build affordable public housing.
What is "toxic masculinity" and do men need to rethink what it means to be masculine in an age of #metoo?
Boyers 4 Life Immortal Oct. 18, 2018
Gene and cell therapy and the search for immortality and DNA revealing human evolution.
The problem of scientific fraud and overblown claims for stem cells and DNA doping in elite sport.
We can now add and edit our genes, reinventing ourselves at the most basic level.
Improving a population through selective breeding - eugenics - was once a popular idea. Professor John Rasko examines, what we are to make of the new eugenics.
A one-way ticket to Mars Oct. 11, 2018
Mars One is a private venture to establish a permanent settlement on the red planet. Australians have signed up to be on the first flight in 2031. The only catch is that it’s a one-way trip. There's no coming back. .
It’s a sad reality that Australia is in the grip of a domestic violence crisis. Although not all cases of domestic violence are reported, what is the experience of those victims who have engaged with the law?
Palaeontologist and conservationist, Tim Flannery, has been looking back over the past hundred million years of the flora and fauna of Europe.
Former PM John Howard on threats to our core values and institutions and limits to free speech on campus
What is news? Oct. 4, 2018
There is a growing need for people to understand the modern news and information landscape. What is news and what is public interest journalism? How to recognise manipulated and fabricated content?
Who do you trust to deliver the news? Established media companies are struggling to compete with the proliferation of online news sites. Does serious journalism have a future?
While politicians weigh up climate change, scientists say we urgently need to act. Can we take years or decades to move away from fossil fuels or should we move immediately to renewable energy?
Sustainable food Oct. 1, 2018
Thinking about the water needed to produce the food on your plate and laws to enforce sustainable fishing.
Polls are showing a loss of faith in democratic government. Some people argue, communist China is interfering in Australian affairs. Others bemoan an erosion of human rights, free speech and the rule of law. Are liberal values under threat in Australia
Spiders, cone snail, scorpions - some of our deadliest animals might hold the key for the next generation of painkillers, treatment stroke or epilepsy.
You’ll often hear people complain that politicians don’t understand the daily concerns of ordinary people. Does good public policy depend on deep connections with the community?