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Created by three guys who love BSD, we cover the latest news and have an extensive series of tutorials, as well as interviews with various people from all areas of the BSD community. It also serves as a platform for support and questions. We love and advocate FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonFlyBSD and TrueOS. Our show aims to be helpful and informative for new users that want to learn about them, but still be entertaining for the people who are already pros. The show airs on Wednesdays at 2:00PM (US Eastern time) and the edited version is usually up the following day.

471 471: De-Penguinization Sept. 8, 2022

Ten Things To Do After Installing FreeBSD, BSD for Linux users, r2k22 Hackathon Report on rpki-client, Configuring OpenIKED, De-Penguin Me, and more. NOTES This episode of BSDNow is brought to you by Tarsnap ( and the BSDNow Patreon ( Headlines Ten Things To Do After Installing FreeBSD ( installing-freebsd/) News Roundup hpr3655 :: BSD for Linux users ( r2k22 Hackathon Report: Job Snijders (job@) on rpki-client and more (;sid=20220701171631) Configuring OpenIKED ( De-Penguin Me ( Tarsnap This weeks episode of BSDNow was sponsored by our friends at Tarsnap, the only secure online backup you can trust your data to. Even …


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470 470: 0mp interview Sept. 1, 2022
In this special episode, we are interviewing Mateusz Piotrowski about his various roles in the FreeBSD project, his ports work, and a few other interesting things he’s involved with. Enjoy this interview episode, we’ll be back with a regular episode next week.
469 469: Ctrl-C Reset Aug. 25, 2022
FreeBSD Q2 2022 Status Report, FreeBSD in Science, fastest yes(1) in the west, Why Programmers Can’t "Reset" Programs With Ctrl-C, Run Slack in FreeBSD’s Linuxulator, and more.
468 468: Apples and CHERI Aug. 18, 2022
Advocating for FreeBSD in 2022 and Beyond, NetBSD 9.3 released, OPNsense 22.7 available, CHERI-based computer runs KDE for the first time, Run FreeBSD 13.1-RELEASE for ARM64 in QEMU on Apple Silicon Mac, and more
467 467: Minecraft on NetBSD Aug. 11, 2022
Installing BSDs on Cubieboard1, Self-hosting a static site with OpenBSD, httpd, and relayd, NetBSD can also run a Minecraft server, A Little Story About the `yes` Unix Command, Shell History: Unix, OpenBGPD 7.5 released, and more
466 466: cat(1)’s efficiency Aug. 4, 2022
Contributing to Open Source Beyond Software Development, bringing TLS 1.3 to the Internet of Old Things, How efficient can cat(1) be, boost the speed of Unix shell programs, Running FreeBSD VNET Jails on AWS EC2 with Bastille, and more
465 465: Deep Space Debugging July 28, 2022
Debugging Lisp in Deep Space, 0 Dependency Websites with OpenBSD & AsciiDoc, Deleting old snapshots on FreeBSD, Full multiprocess support in lldb-server, Basic fix between pf tables and macros, and more
464 464: Compiling with kefir July 21, 2022
From 0 to bhyve on FreeBSD, Analyze OpenBSD’s Kernel with Domain-Specific Knowledge, OpenBSD Webzine: ISSUE #10, HardenedBSD June 2022 Status Report, two new C compilers: chibicc and kefir in OpenBSD, SSD TRIM in NetBSD HEAD, and more
463 463: The 1.0 Legend July 14, 2022
Differences between base and ports LLVM in OpenBSD, Netgraph for FreeBSD’s bhyve Networking, Audio on FreeBSD – Quick Guide, FreeBSD’s Legend starts at 1.0, Hacker News running by FreeBSD, TrueNAS 13, and more
462 462: OpenBSD Sales Pitch July 7, 2022
The Design and Implementation of the NetBSD rc.d system, selling OpenBSD as a salesperson, Speeding up autoconf with caching, Allowing non-root execution of a jailed application, Configure login(1) and sshd(8) for YubiKey on OpenBSD, and more.
Q1 FreeBSD Quarterly Status Report 2022, Nginx on OpenBSD 7.1, Persistent Memory Allocation, Colorize your BSD shell, cgit With Gitolite and Nginx on FreeBSD 13, and more
460 460: OpenBSD airport folklore June 23, 2022
Containerd gains support for launching Linux containers on FreeBSD, OpenBSD 7.1 on PINE64 RockPro64, true minimalistic window manager does not exist, OpenBSD folklore, HardenedBSD May 2022 Status Report, DragonFlyBSD 6.2.2 out, and more
459 459: NetBSD Kernel benchmark June 16, 2022
Evaluating FreeBSD CURRENT for Production Use, Time Machine-like Backups on OpenBSD, FreeBSD on the Graviton 3, Compiling the NetBSD kernel as a benchmark, Network Management with the OpenBSD Packet Filter Toolset from BSDCan 2022, Hardware Detection & Diagnostics for New FreeBSD Users, and more
Fundamentals of the FreeBSD Shell, Spammers in the Public Cloud, locking user accounts properly, overgrowth on NetBSD, moreutils, ctwm & spleen, interpreting a traceroute, and more
457 457: The NetBSD Wheelbarrow June 2, 2022
Journey to ZFS RAIDZ1 on NetBSD, FreeBSD networking basics: WiFi and Bluetooth, smuggling code into the playstation via NetBSD driver hole, KDE FreeBSD CI, remembering buildtool, and more
456 456: FreeBSD 13.1 May 26, 2022
FreeBSD 13.1 is released, Unix command line conventions over time, Branching for NetBSD 10, Microbhyve, Own your Calendar and Contacts with OpenBSD, the PSARC case for ZFS, and more
OpenBSD is the Perfect OS post Nuclear Apocalypse, Multiprocess support for LLDB, porting the new Hare compiler to OpenBSD, Writing my first OpenBSD game using Godot, FreeBSD 13 on Thinkpad T460s, and more.
454 454: Compiling 50% faster May 12, 2022
OpenBSD 7.1 is out, Building Your Own FreeBSD-based NAS with ZFS Part 2, Let's try V on OpenBSD, Waiting for Randot, Compiling an OpenBSD kernel 50% faster, A Salute for 10+ years of service, and more
453 453: TwinCat/BSD Hypervisor May 5, 2022
Building Your Own FreeBSD-based NAS, Writing a device driver for Unix V6, EC2: What Colin Percival’s been up to, Beckhoff releases TwinCAT/BSD Hypervisor, Writing a NetBSD kernel module, and more.
452 452: The unknown hackers April 28, 2022
The unknown hackers, Papers we love to read, Dual Boot Homelab in The Bedroom by the bed testbed, OpenSSH 9.0 released, OS battle: OpenBSD vs. NixOS, and more