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Global business news, with live guests and contributions from Asia and the USA.

Melbourne, Australia has entered a renewed lockdown, so how are people are coping?
US economy contracted by 9.5% between April and June
The bosses of four of America's largest tech firms testified remotely to Congress
Meanwhile, President Trump has proposed an initiative to develop generic drugs in the US
Unemployment aid and eviction protections at risk as Congress haggles over support.
The price of gold rises as investors get jitters over coronavirus and US-China tensions
US jobless claims rise July 24, 2020
We ask if its time for governments to implement a guaranteed job scheme
China-US relations become even more tense in the pandemic
US Justice Department accuses Chinese government of attempts to hack biotech firms
Oxford University scientists announce progress in the hunt for a coronavirus vaccine.
A housing crisis could be on the way in the US
Netflix added over 26 million new subscribers during lockdown period
Global business figures have had their Twitter accounts hacked to tweet a Bitcoin scam
Huawei's 5G kit must be removed from the UK by 2027
Gavin Newsom rolls back re-openings as the number of COVID-19 cases rises sharply.
The US Supreme Court ruled about half of Oklahoma belongs to Native Americans
The US Supreme Court has ruled prosecutors can examine the president's financial records
The Trump administration threatens to withhold funding for schools that don't co-operate
The World Health Organisation acknowledges evidence of airborne spread of the virus
Top internet names say they need time to assess the implications of handing over data