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Brazilians will vote on Sunday to elect Jair Bolsonaro or Fernando Haddad as president.
Google's parent company sees revenue soar but has to make admission on sexual harassment
Former President Barack Obama, and Bill and Hillary Clinton were targeted by postal bombs
President Trump moots sanctions against Saudi Arabia over the killing of Jamal Khashoggi
Thousands of migrants from Central America have arrived in Mexico on their walk north
Voting in Kandahar is delayed after the Taliban shot dead a powerful Afghan police chief
US and UK Trade officials pull out of an investment conference in Saudi Arabia
Canada has become the second country, after Uruguay, to legalise recreational cannabis.
HSBC, Credit Suisse and Standard Chartered have pulled out of a Saudi investor conference
Fracking Restarts in UK Oct. 16, 2018
Amid protests, fracking for shale gas has begun at a site in Lancashire in the UK
Will investors start to lose confidence in Saudi Arabia?
We're on the banks of the river Citarum in the final episode of our Indonesia special
Category four storm has made landfall in Florida.
The International Monetary Fund has warned of threats to the world economy
Pakistan's finance minister will ask the International Monetary Fund for a bailout.
Pakistan's finance minister will ask the International Monetary Fund for a bailout.
President Trump's Supreme Court nominee now seems certain to be confirmed on Saturday
Indonesia Special Oct. 5, 2018
A special edition of the programme live from Jakarta.
ICJ orders US to remove "any impediments" to the export of humanitarian goods
The agency says there's an epidemic of youngsters using e-cigarettes