Roadshow Reviews (SD)

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Hop in the passenger seat and ride along with Roadshow editors as we put each car through its paces, analyzing the tech, the performance and the design to see whether it’s worth your hard-earned money.

Volvo's Concept 26 cockpit explores how drivers will interact with their cars, be more productive or just relax in a future where the cars can do all of the driving.
Mercedes updates their naming scheme for SUVs with the new GLS class and gives the already large vehicle a moderate refresh at the 2015 LA Auto Show.
Mercedes-Benz updates the SL with a bigger and powerful engine, along with some driver-assistance features at the 215 Los Angles Auto Show.
The VW Beetle Dune made its debut at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, and now we get a first look at the production version. With a negligible lift, all-season tires, and a rear diffuser that does double duty as a skid plate, this front- wheel-drive Beetle is suited more for …
Using an infrared camera, the Flir PathFindIR II can detect pedestrians and large animals in front of your car, helping to avoid costly and even deadly collisions.
Buttons, knobs, touchscreens and voice commands are all making room for the next way we'll control our cars.
2015 2015 GMC Canyon SLE Feb. 11, 2015
GM's new Canyon offers more tech in a little less truck.
2015 2015 BMW X4 xDrive28i Feb. 6, 2015
The baby X6 begs the question does a four cylinder engine really make sense?
1 cloth top and 200 fewer CCs can change a car.
Not only does the electric Toyota i-Road turn heads, but the car itself turns in a very unique way, shifting its front suspension to lean into corners.
The new Ford Sync 3 Feb. 2, 2015
Brian Cooley gives his hands-on first take of Ford's new capacitive touchscreen interface.
2015 2015 Honda Fit EX-L Jan. 30, 2015
The third-generation Fit no longer looks like the cheapest way to build a car. Brian Cooley takes it for a spin and finds out if its drive lives up to the looks.
Does the new Outback do enough to keep Subaru drivers coming back? Brian Cooley gets behind the wheel and checks the tech.
2015 2015 Infiniti QX80 Jan. 22, 2015
The Japanese Escalade gets a new face, more adaptive drive tech.
2015 2015 Detroit auto show wrap-up Jan. 16, 2015
CNET's Tim Stevens, Antuan Goodwin and Wayne Cunningham, wrap up the 2015 North American International Auto Show by taking a look at some the hottest cars to premiere, including the Ford GT, the Acura NSX and the all-new Chevy Volt.
Honda FCV Concept Jan. 13, 2015
At the 2015 North American International Auto Show at Detroit, Honda rolled out the next generation of its fuel-cell vehicles called the FCV. Using hydrogen as the vehicle's primary power source, Honda is also investing in the technology across California.
The Hyundai Santa Cruz seems equal parts Subaru BRAT, Chevy Avalanche and Transformer! At the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Hyundai put out the feelers for a concept truck that just might be a hit.
The future is shaping up very nicely if you're an Infiniti G37 fan, with the new Q60 Coupe Concept at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.
2016 2016 Lexus GS-F Jan. 13, 2015
With more teeth and muscle than an F Sport, the Lexus GS-F, which made its debut at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, conjures the past and the future.
2016 2016 Toyota Tacoma Jan. 13, 2015
Toyota's new Tacoma was unveiled at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. It features a pronounced brawny face and a new fuel-sipping V6 behind it.