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CH Originals is CollegeHumor's original videos section. Multiple times every week, it chews up pop culture and spits out fresh, TV-quality comedy directly into your face. Featuring everything from satire ("24: The Unaired 1994 Pilot") to music videos ("Brohemian Rhapsody") to acclaimed series ("The Michael Showalter Showalter"), CH Originals will make you laugh until milk comes out of your nose, whether or not you have been drinking milk.

Jake and Amir: Braces Aug. 9, 2011
Why pay for a million dollar smile?
This is music to my tears.
Birthday presents are the best kind of presents.
Jake and Amir: Hot Box July 28, 2011
Puff, puff, gas.
The mummy has his own place off campus.
Fluent in the language of love. And Hebrew.
Bill Nye in Breaking Bad July 26, 2011
Learning is fundamental, bitch.
Jake and Amir: Shaving July 21, 2011
Cut my hair into pieces. This is my last razor.
At least we turned off our cellphones.
It's none of your business, card.
They're hitting below the belt and nowhere else.
Jake and Amir: Headset July 14, 2011
Look, ma! Two hands!
As the ship went down, they kept spirits up. Kind of.
Jake and Amir: Osama July 12, 2011
Yesterdays news is today's old news.
Ghost of girlfriend past.
Kristen breaks hearts, Dave's included.
Jake and Amir: Carbs July 5, 2011
Don't diet till you try it.
Jake and Amir: Grandma July 1, 2011
Sad-adelic, baby!
Jake and Amir: Favor June 28, 2011
Do me a solid. Not a liquid.
Jake and Amir: Gym June 23, 2011
You can run, but you can't walk.