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CH Originals is CollegeHumor's original videos section. Multiple times every week, it chews up pop culture and spits out fresh, TV-quality comedy directly into your face. Featuring everything from satire ("24: The Unaired 1994 Pilot") to music videos ("Brohemian Rhapsody") to acclaimed series ("The Michael Showalter Showalter"), CH Originals will make you laugh until milk comes out of your nose, whether or not you have been drinking milk.

Jake and Amir: Daughter June 21, 2011
Family is like milk. Spoiled rotten.
Streeter and Amir ask: What noise should your mate make?
Sweet creams are made of cheese.
In the corporate world, you can't be afraid of a few boo-boos.
Sarah and David are friends, right? RIGHT?
They've been to every party they can't get into.
Jake and Amir: Choking June 14, 2011
He's dead serious.
If you want to be her lover, you have to LARP with her friends.
Condomned: The Fight June 13, 2011
The enemy of my enemy is still a jerk.
Our heart containers go out to his family.
The trick is making it good to read.
Harry who?
Sarah and David meet in the storage room, and relax, not like that. There are other people there.
You gotta learn how to sell t-shirts, man.
Too cute for words. Nice words, anyway.
DC Comics ruins everything, LA Noire changes everything, and an interview with a Lego Master Builder.
Life is like a fish. You can't capture it.
Troopers: Who To Kill? June 2, 2011
Eeny, meeny, miny, Larry.
Baby's Face May 26, 2011
The lotion that turns the clock back. Way back.
The Roast of Facebook May 25, 2011
Penn Jillette, Gilbert Gottfried, and Lisa Lampanelli start a flame war with the world's most popular website.