Chuck vs. the Podcast - Enhanced AAC

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The first and most popular podcast for NBC’s hit show Chuck, hosted by TV video editor / writer Gray Jones and co-hosted by Mel and Liz, creators of, the world’s most popular Chuck fan site.

Our first ever interactive podcast features Chuck writer Phil Klemmer and editor Matt Barber! We took questions by email, live on Twitter, and on our web sites. Gray also answered many questions about his recent L.A. trip… and lots more!
Lou caught up with Chuck co-executive producer and director Robert Duncan McNeill in Toronto... Enjoy! We won't be back until Gray returns from his L.A. trip in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime you can follow his many adventures on his blog!
What could be more awesome than an interview with Ryan "Captain Awesome" McPartlin? His character will be very important in season 3, and he tells us all about it! Lou is back with us this week- make sure you check out his cool articles at!
Congrats to stunt coordinator Merritt Yohnka for his 2nd Emmy win, and to Zachary Levi and the Chuck cast & crew for two Ewwy wins!
Part 2 of our Comic-Con coverage is our first ever video podcast! We've included all of Mel & Liz's press room interviews with the cast of Chuck and show runner Josh Schwartz. Thanks to Jessica Sisk for shooting and editing the interviews.
Wow, Comic-Con was amazing... and Mel and Liz were there! They give us a full report on everything Chuck-related, and lots of other fun stuff. Plus, we finally have spoilers for season 3! Don't forget to join our "Chuck Me Mondays" group watch
On the day of the release of his 6-issue Chuck comic compilation, writer Zev Borow talks with us about magazine writing, how he broke into TV, and how writing for Chuck led to the Chuck comic book. Please consider supporting or Chuck
Bonita Friedericy was a fan favorite of the rally podcast, and she's back with a full interview! We also have some really cool new ways you can support the podcast: donations, buying podcast merchandise, and buying Chuck-related Amazon items at our "Chu
It's official! Chuck is back! Well, it will be in March 2010, after lots of advertising during the Olympics. What does that mean for Chuck fans? Mel and Liz explain in a mini-episode. We'll be back soon with a full episode, featuring a great
The wait is almost over -- NBC will finally let us know Chuck’s fate on May 19th. We’ve got renewal campaign updates, a blog update from Zachary Levi’s USO tour, listener comments and discussion from the last few episodes of
On the eve of NBC's official announcement, we have an interview with Yvonne Strahovski, who was out of reach in Australia and would have loved to have been part of the rally podcast last week. We also have lots of important news, listener emails, and a r
Hold on to your hats -- this week's podcast features interviews with 16 of the cast and creative team behind Chuck. From London, New York, Toronto, and Los Angeles, they were all eager to reach out and share their gratitude for the fan campaigns, excitem
It's time to pull out all the stops, and make sure all our family, friends, and co-workers are watching the next two episodes of Chuck. Spread the word in every way possible -- Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, email, the telephone... any way you can
The MI6 arc generated a ton of listener comments... Mel and Liz share their own thoughts, as well as those of our listeners. They also talk about the "Watch, Buy, Share" fan campaign, and some juicy spoilers too!
You'll love Gray's interview with Norman Buckley... he edited and directed The O.C., won an Eddy award for editing the Chuck pilot episode, and now he directs for not only Chuck but Gossip Girl, Privileged, 90210, and more. Where (and why?) did his cat
It's another girls' night, as Gray is still swamped with his TV show. Never fear, Mel & Liz are in great form, with some deep thoughts and insights about Chuck vs. the Suburbs and Chuck vs. the Best Friend. Of course they also have news, feedback, a
We're finally back, with part 2 of our writers series, featuring Ali Adler! It's girls' night, as Gray is working 90 hour work weeks right now finishing his own TV show. But look on the bright side, you get to hear 100% female perspective from
Part 1 of our writers series features Phil Klemmer, who also wrote for Veronica Mars. The 3D return of Chuck is on Monday... do you have your SoBe 3D glasses? If you’re in Canada, Chuck will not be in 3D - unless you are in Toronto and w
We are now the world's #1 TV podcast, for 2 months running! 2009 is going to be a packed year for us, and episode 13 is no exception. Mark Christopher Lawrence, who plays Big Mike on Chuck, gave us an in-depth look at his life, work, and many projects h
Our last 2008 podcast is the longest yet - over 69 minutes - including an interview with funnyman Scott Krinsky. He's got a great story to tell, and we also have Chuck holiday gift ideas, discussion on the "Jill" trilogy, listener emails, spoilers, and l