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The first and most popular podcast for NBC’s hit show Chuck, hosted by TV video editor / writer Gray Jones and co-hosted by Mel and Liz, creators of, the world’s most popular Chuck fan site.

086 - Volkoff & Mo April 15, 2011
Today we have a real treat -- in a marathon 88 minute podcast, we devote a full hour to catching up with AOL TV critic Mo Ryan! Her support of Chuck is widely known, and it was amazing to hear her thoughts on everything Chuck!
Chuck was at the C2E2 convention in Chicago, and so was Liz! She tells about the panel and press room, and she has video interviews too. Chris Fedak, Ryan McPartlin, Joshua Gomez, Scott Krinsky, and Vik Sahay are all here for your viewing pleasure!
Last year Chuck's ratings fell 17% when Daylight Savings Time hit… how did it fare this year? We also discuss Chuck vs. the A-Team, a fun, packed episode written by Phil Klemmer, and directed by Chuck editor Kevin Mock. Plus... a cool contest!
With 5 weeks at a 1.7 rating, many are concerned, as shows with higher ratings have been canceled. Is Chuck safe? We devote a half hour to discussing factors that affect ratings and renewal, including inside information that casts new light on the issue.
082 - The End of an Era Feb. 25, 2011
Oh no! Han and Chewie are separated! The bromance was in trouble this week, as Chuck and Morgan came to some tough decisions. But come through they did, in Chuck vs. the Masquerade, a fun episode written by Rafe Judkins and Lauren LeFranc.
081 - The Cat Squad Feb. 19, 2011
We got a deeper look at Sarah's past this week in Chuck vs the Cat Squad, written by Nicholas Wootton. Carina was back, Lou Diamond Phillips played a great villain, & we got a solid Charlie's Angels vibe, harkening back to Chuck 315's Hart to Hart theme,
080 - All About Diane Feb. 11, 2011
Beckman with a bazooka… Sarah belly-dancing… Roan Montgomery in Morocco… 'nuff said! This week's Chuck, written by Chris Fedak and Kristin Newman, was one of the most fun episodes of the whole series, and we talk all about it!
079 - The Master Plan Feb. 4, 2011
Chuck vs. the Push Mix, written by fan favorite writers Rafe Judkins and Lauren LeFranc, was an epic instalment in the Chuck saga. We have a lot of fun discussing the episode, as well as the topic of being spoiled, and much more!
078 - The Gobbler Jan. 30, 2011
Sorry for the delay this week… Gray has been a bit of a vampire, working many long nights at his day job. But that didn't prevent us from having a lot of fun discussing the latest Chuck, Chuck vs. the Gobbler!
Wow! After a 7-week break, Chuck came back this week with a bang! Chuck vs. the Balcony, written by Max Denby, was action-packed, fun, emotionally moving… Chuck at its best!
Timothy Dalton, Scott Bakula, Matt Bomer… These are just a few of the whopping 35 guests in our holiday extravaganza! Be sure to take advantage of full widescreen HD quality by viewing it at, in full screen mode.
We're nominated for two Podcast Awards, in the "Best Produced" and "Best Video Podcast" categories! Please vote for us daily at! For our last episode of the year, we kick off 15 Days of Podcast-mas-mukkah, and much more!
Episode 074 - Girl Power Nov. 23, 2010
Gray was held captive by work this week, but Mel & Liz are happy to kick butt in his absence! This is of course perfect timing, since Yvonne Strahovski kicked some major butt in this week's Chuck, "Chuck vs Phase Three." Mel & Liz talk all about it!
This week Mel caught up with Chuck executive producer and Fear of Death director Robert Duncan McNeill to talk all about it! Hear also details about the very real possibility of a crossover between Chuck and another of your favorite shows, and much more!
Timothy Dalton… need we say more? How about writers Rafe Judkins & Lauren LeFranc? Mix them together, and you have "Chuck vs. the First Fight," one of the best episodes of the series to date. We talk all about it! Watch for the stowaway in the podcast...
Despite Gray's wrist injury, we couldn't let such an exciting week go by without sharing our thoughts on Chuck's back eleven order by NBC. This episode is our first-ever episode without editing… We hope you like our Brady Bunch- inspired format!
Excited to see Casey begin a relationship with his daughter? Well, we have a treat for you... Mel's interview with actor Mekenna Melvin, who plays Casey's daughter Alex Coburn. PLEASE NOTE: Gray has had a wrist injury, so no podcast for next two weeks.
Gray's away this week, so Mel & Liz have the mics to themselves! After a discussion about putting ratings into perspective, they have a lot of fun talking about cool casting news that has broken recently, and their thoughts about Chuck vs. the Suitcase.
Episode 068 - On Location Sept. 26, 2010
This week Mel was in L.A. for an exciting day on location with Chuck! She'll be rolling out many interviews over the coming weeks and we've got the first one today, with Zachary Levi! She also has many cool stories about spending a day on a Chuck shoot.
Presenting Chuck co-creator Chris Fedak! For the first time ever, we decided to break our usual interview format, and let you do the asking. Over 30 fan questions were asked in the 45 minute interview, and Chris delivered the goods! Much more inside...