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The first and most popular podcast for NBC’s hit show Chuck, hosted by TV video editor / writer Gray Jones and co-hosted by Mel and Liz, creators of, the world’s most popular Chuck fan site.

To honor fan favorite TV critic Mo Ryan's move to AOL TV today, we invited her back to talk about Chuck season 3 and what we hope will happen in season 4. It's no holds barred, but we're hopeful -- we'll all be watching when Chuck returns Sep. 20!
It's only 5 weeks 'til Chuck's season 4 premiere, and lots is going on! Production is in full gear. We talk about the changes in the Chuck writers room, Gray's new TV Writer Podcast, Zac & Yvonne's Teen Choice Awards win, and more!
Our Comic-Con 2010 coverage continues... we are proud to present the full Chuck panel, complete with Vik Sahay as Lady Gaga! If you missed part 1, please go back and watch it first -- part 1 has way too many fun goodies to list here!
Part 1 of our Comic-Con 2010 coverage features Mel, Liz, and Genevieve with news, the NBC Wired party, Chuck panel stories, press room interviews, fan interviews, the Barenaked Ladies, and even an interview with the Old Spice Guy himself, Isaiah Mustafa!
Comic-Con 2010 is just around the corner, and Mel & Liz will be in the press room to host our 3rd annual Comic-Con Chuck report, and also a meet-up for Chuck fans. Hear about lots of award-related news, a super connection for Zac, air dates, and more.
Where's Gray? Has he been captured by the Ring? Mel & Liz tell all... Chuck may not be on screen, but there's lots going on -- from cast appearances, to conventions, to... yes, even a season 4 spoiler!
Yvonne Strahovski is now on Twitter! Follow her at Y_Strahovski, and find out here about her most tweeted topic - the Ken-Mar Rescue Center for dogs. Plus: a new Julia Ling fan site,'s latest fan survey, listener emails, and more!
Yowzer! If the end of Chuck season 2 was a game changer, the 3rd season finale replaces the game board! Chuck is rebooted, but his world is completely uprooted. We talk all about it! Also: news, emails, and even some spoilers for season 4!
Here's part 2 of our 100 minute monolithic Jeffster Special! Part 2 takes us behind the scenes... we talk with musician Eugene Edwards, and Chuck composer Tim Jones. Plus, we have a lot of exclusive behind the scenes content!
It's finally here -- our 100 minute monolithic Jeffster Special! We've even done a custom opening in honor of the phenomenon known as Jeffster. Part 1 features fun video interviews with the men of Jeffster, Scott Krinsky and Vik Sahay.
This week we talk about the 3rd episode from writing team Rafe Judkins and Lauren LeFranc, Chuck vs. the Living Dead. Plus, we deal with the issue on everyone's minds - the number of lost writers because of Chuck's late pickup by NBC.
Chuck has been renewed for a 4th season! Find out more details about the renewal as they happen at To help us celebrate, we have an exclusive interview with the incredibly fun writing team of Rafe Judkins and Lauren LeFranc.
Could it be true? The buzz is very positive that NBC could renew Chuck this Sunday, despite 2 weeks of low ratings. Cross all your fingers and toes! And how cool was it to see Doc Brown on Chuck, and the return of Anna Wu? We discuss Chuck vs. the ...
We have the full report and videos from the Chuck fan rallies on Monday, May 3, and we also discuss the reasons behind Chuck's low ratings this week, and the most recent episode of Chuck, Chuck vs. the Role Models. Plus- news, spoilers, and silly dancing!
You've been asking for more behind-the-scenes departments, and we aim to please! This week we bring you Mel & Liz's interview with Robin Lewis-West, who is the costume designer for Chuck. Don't forget that Monday May 3rd is flash mob & Twitter mob day!
Join the flash mob or the Twitter mob on Monday, May 3rd! Hear all about it on this podcast. We also have our most gleeful time yet discussing the most gleefully fun episode of Chuck yet, Chuck vs. the Honeymooners. Plus: lots of listener emails!
Did you want to go to Wonder-Con, but couldn't make it? Experience it here! We have a massive 90 minute report from Mel about her trip, including a whole hour of footage from the press room and Chuck panel.
Everyone got what they wanted! Casey is reinstated, Morgan is a spy, Shaw is gone, and Chuck and Sarah have finally professed their love. How could that all have happened in one episode? Only at the hands of the best!
Talk about a freakish bubble of awesomeness! In a very relaxed and informative interview, Chuck writer / executive producer Matt Miller tells us all about his path to Chuck, and some great behind the scenes perspective.
You've been asking for it, and it's finally here - our renewal campaign for Chuck season 4! Take out classified ads promoting Chuck, in print or online, and you could win! Listen to the podcast and go to for the latest details on the campaign.