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A weekly talk show taking a pragmatic look at the art and business of Software Development and related technologies.

Mike may have cracked the testing pitch, the harsh reason the Junior Developer is dying & a nice batch of audience questions and follow up. This week’s Coder Radio is just like mom’s cookin', but with a taste of Kotlin.


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Older Episodes

Why the hell did Microsoft open source PowerShell Core, .Net Core, Visual Studio Code? What could possibly be in it for them? Chris goes onsite to ask & figure out their angle. Plus the massive leaps Kotlin seems to be making & more!
Mike's got a Greenfield project he’s fired up & a tale of woes to go along with it. Chris inspires a mini-revolt over the weekend & both the guys have some remarks for the week’s Hoopla.
A special live on location edition of the show, we talk new gear, workflows & how developers can turn a bad situation around.
Mike and Chris review predictions from years past & check on how well they’ve aged. Plus we take a look at Microsoft’s big picture strategy with .Net & now PowerShell for every system.
Lint or Lament | CR 292 Jan. 17, 2018
Code linting is a way to increase code quality & Mike’s standardized his team on one tool. He shares what they’re doing, why they’re doing it & the impact it has made. Plus the brutal life cycle of JavaScript, the death of microservices & more!
Hey Google | CR 291 Jan. 9, 2018
After a great batch of feedback we make some bold predictions for 2018, and it’s not your dad’s crystal ball this year.
Mike lays it all out for 2017 and makes the case that the small independent development model is fundamentally doomed. We spend the last Coder of the year being very honest about what hasn't worked in our businesses & more!
Apple Payday | CR 289 Dec. 23, 2017
Mike’s spent a week with JavaScript, Apple has a big gift & that launching a new product glow. Plus Linux’s new fight, Amazon’s big wins & the things that have really gone to hell.
Microsoft makes one of their boldest moves into OSS yet, Mike’s got new wheels and turns it into a chance to reflect on building for voice interfaces, Amazon’s got a new way for devs to make money & we continue to ponder the best ways to achieve CI bliss.
You Need a Barb | CR 287 Dec. 12, 2017
Mike shares some recent lessons he’s learned trying to scale his team, some tools they tried & the processes that have stuck. But first we kick it off with some of your feedback, a bit of Hoopla & wrap it up with a quick touch on hardware.
A new breed of platform wars is brewing, and developers and users are on the losing side more than ever. Plus Mike updates us on his recent NYC trip, a batch of your feedback, an app pick & more!
Mike’s big Black Friday hardware score, the guys try out a little Windows 10 challenge for their workflow & walk away a bit humbled. But first Mike shares his late night session with JavaScript & the big change he’s making & more!
Mike gets real about the future of WebAssembly, discuss the team up of Amazon and Microsoft, the real cost of Javascript & the iOS revolt underway. Plus we share the open source projects we’re most thankful for this year.
Mike’s back from DevFest & shares something new he’s discovered, Kotlin takes a shot at Objective-C & we can all code together, with Atom’s new trick. Note: There is some rough “skype audio” at times. Totally listenable still & should be better next week
Ice Age | CR 282 Nov. 6, 2017
Mike makes the case that he and Chris are dying breeds from a bygone era that need to hunker down & prepare for the cold winter. Plus we respond to a batch of great feedback, chat some contested hoopla & wrap it all up with a bit of small business ...
Mike and Chris accept the fundamental problem in sticking with boring & safe platforms, debate building a brand around FLOSS, get burned by Angular & reflect on some regrets in our business. Plus SQL’s new hype, some feedback & a project pick of the week!
Mike Was Right | CR 280 Oct. 24, 2017
Mike walks us through Optionals & gives us a specific code example. Plus we launch a new segment long in the making, “Mike Was Right” & it’s a doozy!
Kotlin seems to have a very strong future on Android & Mike and Chris debate the hype vs reality. Plus Mike review’s his new Galago Pro. Then the guys get rather excited by an astute breakdown of developer workflow breakdowns & more!
After a ninja dance though some “Coder Hoopla” Chris has a go at convincing Mike he might be missing the next big app goldmine.