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A weekly talk show taking a pragmatic look at the art and business of Software Development and related technologies.

Clojure Calisthenics Sept. 8, 2018

Wes joins Mike to discuss why .NET still makes sense, the latest antics from Fortnite, a brave new hope for JVM concurrency, and the mind-expanding benefits of trying a Lisp. Special Guest: Wes Payne.


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Mike and Chris have a strong reaction to beer from Utah, and then get into the weeds around Mike’s new gear, the situation with Qt, and a few new tools they’ve recently found.
After digging into some feedback, we react to the big upset in the world of React Native.
Episode 322: Not so Qt Aug. 14, 2018
Mike's adventures with Qt land him on Windows 10 this week battling DLL hell. He shares the latest developments in his attempt to build his next app with Qt.
Episode 321: Qt & Me Aug. 7, 2018
Mike shares more first impressions of Qt, the surprising places we’ve found QML in the wild, and why or why not to use Qt.
Mike’s ordered a surprise new rig, Chris is getting particular, and do a first impressions of Qt Creator.
After we happily avoid the recent MacBook scandals, we deep dive into hardware for a bit.. And then pull it out with a overview of Microsoft Async/await pattern.
We ruminate on Python’s founder stepping down, and ponder if it was inevitable.
The Uno platform recently got our attention, and Jérôme from the project joins us to explain a few things, and have a frank discussion about what they've gotten right, that others have missed.
Mike discovers a new open source project that promises a free UWP Bridge for iOS, Android and WebAssembly. We kick the tires and share our first thoughts.
Tech companies are taking over cities and becoming more powerful than some nations. Is there a moral stand developers inside these huge corporations should be taking? Or is the shift to a chicken farmer economy truly best for all?
Mike's got a dream, and it's a dream where Microsoft saves us from Electron. Now historically speaking, he's been wrong every single time. But this week we'll make the case why we all need to collective pull for his vision.
We chat with GitLab’s CEO and co-founder Sid Sijbrandij, about the GitLab model, the changes they’ve made since Microsoft purchased GitHub, his thoughts on that acquisition, and his compelling case for 100% remote work.
Microsoft is buying GitHub, Apple just kicked off WWDC 2018, and we've got a packed show!
After a bit of CoffeeScript reminiscing we get down to data and design.And discuss why the bot market has collapsed, and how Google is running the table in AI.
ECMATakeover May 21, 2018
The future is JavaScript and Mike’s seen the way. Plus we answer a listener's questions about career changes, discuss the week’s hoopla, and share a cautionary tale.
We get fired up about cloud lock-in, and attempt to find some common ground.
Focusing on a niche can catastrophically backfire when the market shifts, and Mike goes into full reviewer mode!
Mike and Chris have a workflow hangover, hit rock bottom, and bounce back with a new understanding.
The death of desktop apps has reached the next stage, but the long transition to WebAssembly is going to hurt.