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The CoffeeGeek Podcast covers everything and anything in the world of consumer and professional coffee and espresso. Guest interviews, round tables, Emails, Voicemails, important news, product reviews, coffee tastings and more await you with each new episode. Remember, Coffee is culinary, and it's never about the buzz. This is the enhanced iTunes / iPod version of the show.

We look back with fondness and some anger at the Coffee Kids charity and its shutting doors. Also a feature interview with Trevor Corlett


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Older Episodes

After a crazy long 3+ year hiatus (not planned!) the CoffeeGeek Podcast is back; we talk bright coffees, social media, and the new La Marzocco Home venture
A special edition of the CG podcast, with Carl Sara of Crafted Coffee Co in ChristChurch NZ and how we can help the coffee community in this earthquake- stricken area.
A look back at the origins of espresso as a brewing method and a beverage, going from 1820 up to 1947 and Gaggia's introduction of modern day espresso.
Taking a look at some of the biggest stories and happenings in coffee and espresso in 2010; including a special guest interview with Jim Hoffmann.
In this episode, Mark concludes the history of siphon coffee right up through the early 2000s. Nice to be back folks!
In this episode, Mark concludes the history of siphon coffee right up through the early 2000s. Nice to be back folks!
A detailed walk through the early history of vacpots and siphon coffee makers, including their origins, rise in popularity, and saturation in the US market in the 1930s.
A detailed interview with Kyle Anderson from Baratza about the forthcoming Vario grinder; also talk about the new CoffeeGeek site, and CoffeeGeek on Twitter
This episode talks about some culinary vs commodity coffee, great coffees available this summer, a new Barista outreach program from the Cup of Excellence, and a feature interview with Carl Sara.
Finally, our post SCAA 2008 Minneapolis wrapup show, and a feature interview with George Howell about the book Connecting Worlds: The Coffee Trail. We also talk about trends in coffee, blends hiding the farmer, CoE and much more.
Mark does a feature length interview with the author of God in a Cup: The Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Coffee
Discussion about Starbucks buying the company that makes the Clover coffee maker, caffeine awareness month, the Professional Baristas Handbook, and In Pursuit of the God Shot.
Mark reads from some of the emails sent in from a recent CoffeeGeek Podcast contest. People describe their best coffee moment
A quick podcast format featuring some of the up to the minute news and interesting things in Coffee. This episode - 5 litres of espresso, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and more Starbucks
After a long delay, the CoffeeGeek podcast is back in the same old mp3 format and a new enhanced iTunes / iPod format. Discussions about Italy certifying espresso, new coffees tried, Vancouver visitors and the WBC machine certifications.
Topics: Mark talks about freezing green coffee, new content articles on, CoffeeGeek's forthcoming new design, some press and a trio of great coffees to try. **MP3 format** 21.3 mb, 1:04:25 (h:mm:sec) **
Topics: Mark talks about an interview on WGN Radio, about the forum commmunity, then lots of talk about Esmeralda Especiale and single-origin espresso. **MP3 format** 18.0 mb, 0:53:26 (h:mm:sec)
Topics: A grab bag show, covering lever machines, YouTube videos, freezing coffee again, iced americanos, press pots, and an interview with former WBC Champ Tim Wendelboe. **MP3 format** 20.3 mb, 0:59:35 (h:mm:sec) **
Topics: Mark spends almost the entire podcast today answering your email questions on everything from freezing green coffee, to what arabica is, to using a Rancilio Silvia, and much more. **MP3 format** 23.1 mb, 1:06:13 (h:mm:sec) **