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The Comic Vine staff discuss the latest comic book news and new releases in this weekly podcast.

Mat "ums" his way through the final episode. He gives everyone an update with what's been going on and gives you some closure to the show and why things are ending. Thank you to everyone who listened and asked questions over the years. You're what made th


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Older Episodes

Tony and Mat discuss the latest movie news. Find out what they thought of the Justice League trailer plus Tony's thoughts on the Power Rangers. Then there's some discussion on the latest comics.
This week Tony catches you up on the latest comic book, TV, and movie news. Find out his full thoughts on Iron Fist and what comics he enjoyed.
Tony starts off the show with Mat jumping on later. The latest news is covered including Wonder Woman, Power Rangers, X-Men TV, and more. Then the latest comics are discussed along with some SUPER-spoilers for one issue.
Tony and Mat recover from seeing Logan. Tony is back from London. Find out what happened over there and last week in comics and the news. Logan spoilers during the last ten minutes.
Mat runs the show alone this week as Tony is out of town. Mat discusses the Oscars, Suicide Squad's big win, the news of the week, and what comics he loved the week prior.
Tony and Mat discuss LEGO Batman Movie, grilled cheese burgers, X-Men and Marvel movies, plus the latest comics.
Tony and Mat discuss the Big Game (for a minute or two), the new trailers, latest movie and TV news, and the awesome comics that just came out.
Tony and Mat discuss the latest movie and TV news. There's talk on this week's hot comics. Tony ends up fighting technology on different levels as this episode's audio was corrupted.
Tony and Mat discuss the new Logan and Power Rangers trailers plus talk about Star Wars, Terminator, Riverdale, and the latest comics.
Tony and Mat discuss the cool things that happened last week including some of the latest movie and TV news along with what comics they enjoyed.
Tony and Mat bring in the New Year by discussing the Best Comics, Movies, and TV shows of 2016.
Tony talks about this week's comics, some of the recent trailers, upcoming movies like Logan and the next Planet of the Apes as well as Rogue One.
Tony and Mat reminisce over Comic Vine's tenth anniversary. They also discuss the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer, the big twist in Clone Conspiracy, and more from this week's comics.
Tony and Mat discuss Westworld (no spoilers), Rogue One, Guardians of the Galaxy, and this week's comics. Your questions are answered, as well.
Tony and Mat discuss Civil War II, Rogue One, heroes vs. aliens, and the latest new comics.
Tony is on vacation, so Mat talks about this week's news, comics, sings randomly, and counts to 480!
Tony and Mat discuss recent trips, the latest movie trailers, rumors, and this week's comics.
Tony and Mat talk about Doctor Strange (no spoilers), movie and TV news, plus all the cool things from this week's comics.
It's Halloween. Too bad Tony and Mat don't really discuss it. They do talk a little about Walking Dead, movie news, Vision, and the rest of the new comics.