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The Commonwealth Club of California is the nation's largest public affairs forum. The nonpartisan and nonprofit Club produces and distributes programs featuring diverse viewpoints from thought leaders on important topics. The Club's weekly radio broadcast — the oldest in the U.S., since 1924 — is carried on hundreds of stations. Our website features audio and video of our programs. This podcast feed is usually updated multiple times each week.

SPEAKERS Ayesha Curry Restaurateur; Chef; Author, The Seasoned Life; Host, "Fempire", Ellentube; Co- founder, Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation Stephen Curry Point Guard, Golden State Warriors; Founder, Unanimous Media; Co-founder, Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation Michelle Meow Producer and Host, "The Michelle Meow Show" on Radio and KBCW/KPIX TV; Member, Commonwealth Club Board of Governors—Moderator This program was recorded in front of a live audience at The Commonwealth Club of California in San Francisco on January 17th, 2020.


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Join this renowned journalist and historian for intimate journey through the life-changing year following his stroke, a year that turned his life upside down and ultimately saved him, changing the way he looks at the world.
Critics argue that jails and prisons are the most visible evidence of the failing of America’s public mental health system and that the most heartbreaking failures are in the field of juvenile justice.
For the 60 years, from 1882–1943, before Muslim travel bans and family separations at the U.S.–Mexico border, the Chinese Exclusion Act prohibited Chinese laborers from entering the U.S. and denied persons of Chinese descent a path to U.S. citizenship.
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How does one react, watching our current political crisis form fissures in our underlying culture, which, according to poet Peter Dale Scott, is undermining even our most valuable cultural strengths?
It was under Prime Minister Puna's premiership that the Cook Islands became a founding member of the Polynesian Leaders Group, a regional grouping who cooperate on a variety of issues, including culture, language, responses to climate change, and trade.
Do you feel sometimes as though your unique identity has been swept away by the tides of work and family? Join Anne Devereux-Mills and The Commonwealth Club at the start of a new year to learn about and experience the Parlay effect for yourself.
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Robert Bullard is honored by Climate One with the Stephen Schneider Award for Outstanding Climate Science Communications. Bullard is known for his work highlighting pollution on minority communities and for speaking out against environmental racism.
There is overwhelming research that contemplation, observing and taking in beauty stimulate the brain and create a sense of well-being.
Vox energy writer David Roberts and New York Times climate reporter Coral Davenport take us through the biggest climate news stories of 2019.
Blackout Dec. 24, 2019
California has battled dozens of destructive wildfires in recent years. Many have been found to be the result of negligence on the part of California’s biggest utility, PG&E. With the company facing bankruptcy, how will California power its future?
For two decades Whitney Houston topped the charts and drew millions of fans, and one person was there by her side through it all—her best friend, assistant, and confidante, Robyn Crawford.