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Contrabass Conversations features double bass blogger and podcast host Jason Heath conducting weekly interviews and presenting musical performances with top double bassists from around the globe, plus current news and events for today's working bass player. Professionals, students, and folks with a hankering for the low end of the spectrum should check out this podcast! This show is produced in Chicago, Illinois, and is affiliated with

Here's the latest news in the world of the double bass!
Jason Heath is in the hot seat today for a change with founder David Heyes
Jason chats with Simón García, Diego Zecharies, and Gabriele Ragghianti about the upcoming Galicia Graves bass festival
Here's the latest in the world of the double bass!
Oslo Philharmonic Co-Principal Bass Dan Styffe joins Jason to talk all things bass.
Kevin "Brandino" Brandon has performed with, Aretha Franklin, Justin Timberlake, Outkast, and countless other artists.
Jason sits down with Jeff Bradetich to talk through the details of the upcoming competition.
Check out the latest in double bass festivals, events, news, and resources!
University of Minnesota Duluth and former US Navy bassist Adam Booker joins Jason for this episode.
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294 294: 10th Anniversary Show! Jan. 1, 2017
We're celebrating 10 years of podcasting on this episode!
Tracy Friedlander has just launched a new podcast about creating a career in the classical music world. She and Jason dig into why she started the show.
James Newcomb hosts MusicPreneur and Trumpet Dynamics. He and Jason go into uber-geek mode on this episode!
291 291: The Best of 2016 Dec. 28, 2016
Jason takes a look back at the amazing year the podcast has had!
Caleb Quillen is the newest member of the Kansas City Symphony bass section. We talk audiiton tactics, advice, and more!
Los Angeles Philharmonic principal bassist and UCLA faculty member Chris Hanulik joins Jason for this episode.
Here's the latest and greatest in the world of the double bass this week!
Bill Merchant digs into bridge adjusters, endpins, dressing fingerboards, electric uprights, and much more!
Composer, bassist, educator, and advocate Ben Allison joins Jason to talk about his new album and much more.
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