Contrabass Conversations - double bass life on the low end of the spectrum with Jason Heath

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Contrabass Conversations features double bass blogger and podcast host Jason Heath conducting weekly interviews and presenting musical performances with top double bassists from around the globe, plus current news and events for today's working bass player. Professionals, students, and folks with a hankering for the low end of the spectrum should check out this podcast! This show is produced in Chicago, Illinois, and is affiliated with

Double bassist, composer, and Recital Music publisher David Heyes joins Jason for today's show.
L'Orchestre De La Suisse Romande bassist and conductor Jonathan Haskell joins Jason on today's podcast
Life Coach and former Toledo Symphony bassist Allan Santos talks with Jason on this episode.
metropolitan opera orchestra percussionist rob knopper created auditionhacker and percussionhacker. jason and rob talk about these projects and more!
#1 bestselling author Seth Hanes joins Jason to talk about creating a career in the music business
Double bassist and Robertson & Sons Violin Shop luthier Trevor Davis joins Jason on the podcast
Gabriele Ragghianti, Dan Styffe, and Alberto Bocini discuss the first-ever Royal College of Music International Double Bass Festival
Baylor University double bass professor Sandor Ostlund joins Jason for today's podcast
San Francisco Opera and Ballet double bassist and composer Shinji Eshima joins Jason today
Internationally recognized composer and bassist Frank Proto joins Jason on today's podcast
University of South Carolina professor Craig Butterfield talks about Edgar Meyer's influence and much more!
notreble founder and Official Jaco Pastorius site manager Corey brown is today's podcast guest
Oregon Symhpony bassist and International Society of Bassists competition winner is today's guest
University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor and former International Society of Bassists president Hans Sturm is today's guest!
University of Michigan professor emeritus Diana Gannett has had an amazing life in music. We talk Gary Karr, modern basses, Stuart Sankey, and many other topics!
Hugh Sung and Jason talk Curtis, AirTurn, A Musical Life, and many other topics.
Project Trio double bassist and business manager Peter Seymour talks drive, discipline, and dedication.
The Low Down author Danny Ziemann chats about jazz double bass and his latest book with Jason.
Double bass soloist and YouTube star Lauren Pierce chats with Jason.
Jason chats with "Make It" author Emilio Guarino.