137: Todd Coolman Interview Sept. 11, 2009

from Contrabass Conversations - double bass life on the low end of the spectrum with Jason Heath· ·

We’re featuring an interview with jazz bassist Todd Coolman on the podcast. This episode is guest hosted by double bassist Win Hinkle, who interviewedRufus Reid previously for Contrabass Conversations as well. After listening to this interview, I went out and downloaded Perfect Strangers, Todd’s newest album, and I highly recommend it to listeners. Truly top-notch and extremely enjoyable playing all around! We’ll begin today’s episode with a brief excerpt from Crescent City Ditty, and well conclude with Todd’s bass solo from Connotation. Both excerpts are from Todd’s new album and you canfind it on iTunes here. [](http://feeds.feedburner.com/~ff/ContrabassConversations?a=xS2hnWF5hmc:GdkeDXP2dwk:63t7Ie- …

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