277: Florian Pertzborn on Europoean orchestral experiences Nov. 23, 2016

from Contrabass Conversations - double bass life on the low end of the spectrum with Jason Heath· ·

Florian Pertzborn launched the European Orchestra Experience Award for the BASSEUROPE Orchestral Competition this year in Prague. #### The recipients were: * 1st prize: Luzia Vieira * 2nd prize: Zuzana Blahova * 3rd prize: Andrea Cocco Florian and I got a chance to sit down in the beautiful courtyard of the HAMU in Prague to discuss this competition. We talk about why Florian launched this and what benefits he sees it bringing to young double bassists. We also cover: * life as a musician in Porto, Portugal * a typical season for Casa da Música (Florian's orchestra) * the international …

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