295: Weekly Update for 1/2/17 - Double Bass News Jan. 2, 2017

from Contrabass Conversations - double bass life on the low end of the spectrum with Jason Heath· ·

Here's the latest Weekly Update episode! Check out all past episodes at contrabassconversations.com/news, and send me any stories you'd like shared at feedback@contrabassconversations.com. ## Stories Covered: * Giovanni Bottesini Double Bass Competition - April 18-24, 2017 * Chautauqua Institution is accepting applications - deadline is 2/1/17 * Brevard is accepting applications - deadline is 2/17/17 * 30-Day Music Studio Refresh from Nicola Cantan * 24th Annual Richard Davis Foundation Bass Conference - April 14-15, 2017 * How to Advance at an Orchestra Audition 101 Subscribe to the podcast to get these interviews delivered to your inbox! Learn how you can …

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