41: Orchestral Excerpts Breakdown Sept. 30, 2007

from Contrabass Conversations - double bass life on the low end of the spectrum with Jason Heath· ·

This week's Contrabass Conversations episode features an in-depth analysis of the double bass orchestral excerpts most commonly requested at auditions. Double bassist (and regular Contrabass Conversations guest and ho-host) John Grillo discusses each of these excerpts--stylistic considerations, differences in articulation and bow strokes, and suggestions for effectively learning them --and then performs them. I believe that this project will be a highly valuable resource for bassists worldwide, and I'd love your feedback on this project! Check out all of John's previous Contrabass Conversations appearances here. Excerpts covered: * Beethoven Symphony No. 9 * Beethoven Symphony No. 5 * Brahms Symphony …

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