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cortandfatboy is dead Dec. 8, 2012
We were cortandfatboy, and that was that. Starring: Robert Wagner, Lisa and Brian Wood, Leia Weathington, Big Jim Willig, Ryan Fleming, Jefferson Smith, Erik Henriksen, Courtenay Hameister, Byron Beck, David Walker, and Mike Russell. [audio=]
It's the last in-studio episode with Big Jim Willig and Byron Beck. It is what you think it is. Of COURSE it is. [audio=]
Shows with Courtenay Hameister always seemed to be the ones that ran the full gamut of topics, emotions, and depths. Adding Leia Weathington to that mix only enhanced this fact. And today's show, the final regular show with both of them, does nothing to c
It's the last regular episode with David Walker. That means neuroses, and insecurities, and discomfort, and comedy in all the mean, scary places your mind doesn't like to go, and advice from a guy whose gone into those places and survived somehow. That me
Ryan Fleming has every reason to be upset with Bobby on today's show: He forgot to eat, drank too much coffee, and succumbed to the sort of scatterbrained silliness that he apparently thinks is a side-effect of at least three major diseases he has almost
It's the last regular episode of Mike Russell's. It plays out like you would expect - a rambling run through about 15 different movie references, a bunch of silly tangents, before settling into an in-depth discussion about a bunch of movies you need to wa
Jeff Parker took advantage of Big Jim Willig's inability to make the show today (he's sick) and slid into the guest seat before the door closes forever on cortandfatboy. The stream-of-consciousness conversation that flowed hence had alligators in it, and
Who'd have guessed a single confused old man would cause such controversy, but when a news crew showed up to Geek Trivia last night, the guy holding the microphone didn't endear himself to the room, nor to Courtenay Hameister or Leia Weathington. Cort and
Man, it got all sortsa dorkish up in here today. David Walker held court on a wide range of pop-culture controversies, including Complex Mag's terrible list of the 25 best season finales of all time, and Drew at HitFix's rumor that JoGoLev is going to be
Adam Rosko of Trek in the Park joins Ryan Fleming to talk about Trek in the Dark, the Starfleet extravaganza going down this coming Sunday; Cyber Monday, the archaically named consumer holiday that doesn't seem so archaically named when almost everyone on
Leia Weathington and Courtenay Hameister combine forces for one of the most interesting hours of conversation we've ever had. Amazingly, it starts in the back of a porn theater, and then it moves to the streets, where Cort and Bobby learn what a Slutwalk
Today's show is brought to you by the letters D, for David Walker, and F, for Frustration. The show goes long because we're so caught up in talking about various nationwide frustrations we don't even notice how far in the rearview the hour-long mark is. T
Well, State Rep. Jefferson Smith has a lot of free time now. And a Nintendo console just launched over the weekend. Can Ryan Fleming help Jeff transition from Mayoral Candidate to Master of the Gamepad? Also, Bobby discovers spoilers about Twilight that a
Mike Russell kicks off the show with a quick check-in regarding Skyfall, where we delve a little more into the fun quotient of the film, and the overall ridiculousness of the plotting in almost every other Bond film that's ever been made. We also slide si
"Sometimes the dumb ways are the best." [audio=]
Leia Weathington didn't make today's show, but that doesn't mean she didn't help it. In fact, Leia's absence led directly to a discussion on work, procrastination, the uneasy balance between the two, and how the internet is constantly shifting that balanc
Extra special podcast beautifulness today. Not just David Walker, the BadAzz Mofo himself, but Doug Kenck-Crispin of Kick-Ass Oregon History guests on today's show to talk all manner of interesting, kick-ass stuff that resides just under the surface of wh
Ryan Fleming comes to cater to controversies, big and small. There's the controvery over what was supposed to be a throwaway pair of jokes in Skyfall. That's nothing compared to the controversy over Kevin Clash, the voice of Elmo, potentially throwing awa
Nice, full show with Mike Russell today. First up, some reminiscing on how Mike became the first, and longest running guest on the show; We spitball an Avengers spin-off that would feature the finest in syndicated daily comic- strips, and by finest, I mean
Big Jim Willig returns. This is both good news and bad news. Good news for the show, because Jim & Byron is a strange, wonderful pairing that mostly works, sometimes, kinda. But it's bad news because that means Jim got fired, and not only did that ha