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When things change, awkwardness tends to ensue. Wednesdays are changed, because Leia Weathington is joining Courtenay Hameister for the remainder of the show's run. And guess what - Awkwardness happens. First, political conversation happens, which is welc
David Walker joins us for an Election Day show that somehow manages to only bring up the Election once, for all of 3 seconds, and that was in reference to the news Harrison Ford said he might play Han Solo again - although who actually wants that? Other t
So, Cort and Bobby told everybody the show was going away in a month. Obviously, there are a few questions that arise from such a statement. There are a few answers to those questions inside this podcast, but only a few - I mean, the show's still gonna be
Mike Russell saw Skyfall. But he can't TALK about Skyfall. I mean, he can say that it's awesome, and he thinks Javier Bardem might get an Oscar nomination, but he can't REVIEW it. He can talk about his favorite Bonds, and the Disney/Star Wars news, and wh
Leia Weathington and Byron Beck go on a trip into the briny deep of Bobby's latest crippling fear, and hence, he is called a wuss-puss for being afraid of the underwater pillbugs he is sure will eat him up down there. What is Leia afraid of? Being judged
For Halloween, we dressed up as a show cool enough for the Doubleclicks to visit. The Nerd-Folk-Rock-Comedy-Sister-Duo of Angela and Aubrey Webber dropped in with Courtenay Hameister to discuss their craft, their inspirations, unsatisfying television roma
So, Disney bought Lucasfilm today. A million voices suddenly cried out in a combination of ecstasy, agony, terror, jubilance - while some simply shrugged and offered up a "Meh." David Walker and Kenna Conklin joined the show for an hourlong talk about how
Early Controversy over the coolness of both speedsuits and Huey Lewis blend smoothly into a discussion with Ryan Fleming about the Revolutionary War, and how its relative lack of sex appeal has prevented it from getting a bunch of kick-ass movies about it
Mike Russell came to the show with a shovel, and the digging we all do leads to more than a few deep conversations. Not even Back to the Future is spared the subterranean analysis, but that's what happens after you walk out of Cloud Atlas - you spend a lo
Cort mentions at one point that today's show feels like Nightcrawler at a dinner party, BAMFing in and out from different conversations. He's not wrong - today's show exercises many of the skills the learned, seasoned podcrafter will have gained after mon
Courtenay Hameister brought cookies to knife fight. Well, not so much a knife fight as a sharp debate. A debate about literacy in America, and whether there's something wrong with grownups shoving kids out of the way to get to the Young Adult novels, or w
David Walker came the show toting 10 gallon buckets of salt, and he cannot WAIT to sprinkle it on anything you might like. Ever. The sodium must be getting to Bobby's brain, because he forgets pretty much everything he ever knew. Frequently. Cort somehow
Ryan Fleming surfs a wave of frustration that beaches on the opening of today's show, a frustration named "People in parking lots who sit there with their foot on the brake in reverse but never pull out." From there, we discuss lesser stupidities, such as
Erik Henriksen fills in for Mike Russell, and after an extended discussion on his vegetarianism, and the amazing human achievement that is Tofurkey, we get into some Sci-Fi stuff: Cloned meats, the Star Trek future that's been long denied us, the unbeliev
ONE DAY ONLY: BIG JIM WILLIG AND DON FROST RETURN. Mere hours before the first ever Big and Loud Live Podcast, our former Thursday guest tells tales of life on the front lines of Call Center Hell, and his misery involves a really big Biggie Smalls fan wit
The show is thick with electric worry. It doesn't seem that way at first, as Cort and Bobby muse upon the majesty of Michael Rooker while Courtenay Hameister of Live Wire Radio learns a few things about desire, but then its her turn to teach them about se
David Walker has opinions, you guys. Lots of them. Some of them good, some of them bad. Not as bad as Bobby's, who, it turns out, is entirely responsible for every bad sequel/prequel that ever existed in the history of ever. Today's episode explores the a
Yeah, we asked Jefferson Smith about hitting a girl in the face in 1993. Yeah, we asked about the decisionmaking that led to him and a friend trying to approach that girl over 20 years later as the news was about to break the story. Yeah, we asked about t
Ryan McCluskey is in the house, everybody, with his main man Mike Russell, to tell tales of the British Theatre, and how Stellan Skarsgaard and Jonathan Pryce perpetrated one of the all-time classic pranks on him. He also saw whatever that new Ethan Hawke
Leia Weathington and Erika Moen are Smut Peddlers. Or at least, they're comics creators who have contributed a 7 page opus de smut to an independent tome of lady-centric comics pornography. What the hell does any of that even mean? It's so much better to