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A crazy lady variety show created by Diana Joy

crazyladyradio66 Jan. 26, 2011

Aunt Loretta reflects on her CRAZY EPIC weekend of fashions and ex-boyfriends. Dee gives his "deep and gentle" advice to a lonely caller. And some impromptu plugging/stick n poking of diana joy's MONOLITH. AND AND a brand new track from Diana Joy entitled THE LAST FIREWORKS. This episode is a little sad… but HEY! We can't be funny [...]


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Older Episodes

crazyladyradio65 Jan. 11, 2011
The SUPER POWER episode. Yep, that's right, we have a theme! Tune in to find out how Aunt Loretta get's the super power she's always dreamed of! The Almighty Delta, Dee, and more. Plus a brand new shitty radio hit from DIANA JOY entitle "BFF stands for LOVER." Enjoy!
crazyladyradio64 Jan. 5, 2011
The post New Year's Eve episode!! Tune in to find out how Aunt Loretta spent her NYE. Also, Dee is back this week with his "deep and gentle" advice. Song of the week: Rainbow Mouth by Diana Joy feat. Ghost Motel (from the album MONOLITH. available in the itunes store.)
crazyladyradio63 Dec. 29, 2010
The BAD IDEA episode. That's right! All the ideas that got cut from the show for being "way too bad" are put in show today! Enjoy the badness.
Aunt Loretta, Gramma, and Dee go to the west coast expecting a nice sunny christmas but get a tropical rain storm instead! Even though the house gets flooded, they still manage to broadcast to all the fans!! WOW, it's pretty crazy! Not sure if it's crazy funny though, more like …
crazyladyradio61 Dec. 7, 2010
Aunt Loretta goes on a nature walk but runs into some TROUBLE! Tune in to find out if she makes it home okay! Song of the week: "lose control" by DI∆N∆ JOY from her brand new album entitled MONOLITH available on itunes very soon!
crazyladyradio60 Nov. 24, 2010
Aunt Loretta's fans criticize her radio voice so she invites a special famous guest from overseas to come on the radio and give a vocal workshop! Song of the week: a brand new TEENAGE p0p rADi0 hit by DI∆N∆ JOY entitled, "forget about you and dance" Enjoy you silly little …
crazyladyradio59 Nov. 18, 2010
The boring episode… Now that Aunt Loretta lives out in the middle of the woods, not much is happenin' these days. SO don't expect much folks, even though she tries her best to save the episode!!! A+ for effort. Song of the week: a brand new complete garbage track by …
crazyladyradio58 Nov. 10, 2010
Aunt Loretta reflects on her CRAZY halloween and the days following. "Special Guest" Sarah Reiter reads her post-halloween spooky story! Yes! HALLOWEEN Never DIES!! Song of the week: a brand new EXPERIMENTAL trash track by DIANA JOY entitled, "victim's blackout." ENJOY!
It's the 2010 Halloween episode! Scary sound effects and screaming psychotic ladies! Mickey's list (scary version), the ALMIGHTY DELTA, and a special appearance by Dee. Oh, and find out how gramma get's taken away by demons from the bowels of hell! Song of the week: PERSEPHONE by ^ (DI∆N∆ JOY …
In the spirit of this spooky month, we decided to play last year’s halloween episode aired on October 26th 2009. Explicit content! Warning to those sensitive to gremlins, blood, heavy metal, demons, chainsaws, and spirits from the underworld. Oh but it doesn’t stop there! Tune in next week for the …
crazyladyradio56 Oct. 13, 2010
Special guest SARAH REITER reads a short story, Mickey reads her list, and some other random shit about cats and maybe spiderman. Song of the week features GHOST MOTEL!! Enjoy and don't forget to send in fan mail so we can feel FAMOUS!
crazyladyradio55 Oct. 6, 2010
Aunt Loretta breaks up with her boyfriend and loses her sense of humor. Tune in to find out how she gets it back! AND and and !!! a new song by Diana Joy entitled "∆∆∆"
crazyladyradio54 Sept. 15, 2010
It's a bad week for Aunt Loretta… She's got no money in the bank, receives an attacking email, AND finds out her boyfriend hates her accent!!!! Oh but it get's better! Tune in to hear the BRAND NEW segment added to the show! Song of the week: a new cover …
crazyladyradio53 Sept. 8, 2010
Aunt Loretta is back from vacation!!!! AND… Uh oh!! Gramma thinks she let down her fans! Did she??? OH NO! Will she be punished??? Listen and find out! The Almighty Delta, MIckey's list, and more! Song of the week: A brand new POP GENIUS track from Diana Joy entitled "MOBIUS …
crazyladyradio52 Aug. 19, 2010
Aunt Loretta is on VACATION. Diana Joy puts her up in a HOLIDAY INN. Aunt Loretta is stoked on her hotel room and meets a group of military men just returning from Iraq at the hotel bar. Song of the week: BIRCH PITCH by ^ (pronounced arc) Please bear with …
crazyladyradio51 Aug. 11, 2010
The family friendly episode! …as promised, since last week was WAY too CRAZY raunchy for families. Aunt Loretta gets fan mail and Dee and Gramma get deep and educational. Song of the week: "O Superman" by OMNIVORE and DIANA JOY
CRAZYLADYRADIO***50*** Aug. 4, 2010
Can you believe it!? It's the 50th episode! All the fans come down to the radio station to witness Mickey and Aunt Loretta go head to head with their lists of "50 great and/or CRAZY personal human achievements as of 2010!" EXPLICIT CONTENT! family and friends of family should NOT …
crazyladyradio49 July 21, 2010
It's Aunt Loretta's birthday!!!! She loves her birthday! And loves presents! Gramma gives her a nice card and THE ALMIGHTY DELTA gives her what she has been wishing for. Song of the week is an oldie but goodie cover by diana joy. If you want to give Aunt Loretta a …
crazyladyradio48 July 15, 2010
Aunt Loretta discovers what the cutest thing in the world is… and yes that's right, MICKEY'S LIST!!! We know you want it. Song of the week: a brand new RAGNARÖK track! Tune in to find out why it's the perfect goth song. Enjoy! in OTHER IMPORTANT NEWS. the DIRT PALACE …