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Cthulhu Mythos stories along with others that are creepy or scary and set in or around the 1920s. Also a little history and music from the 1920s

Greetings cultists! It's time for another show, its story time! Download the show


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Older Episodes

Howdy Cultists! In todays episode we get the next parts of Travels in the Interior of Africa and The Turn of the Screw. Download the show
In today's episode we continue "Travels in the Interior of Africa" and "The Turn of the Screw". Download and enjoy. Download the show
Greetings Cultists! Here's the next episode of the podcast with two book chapters for you to enjoy. Download the show
Here's we go again, here's the next episode of the podcast. Poor old Mungo continues his trek across Africa, and we tighten the screw a little further in Henry james's little tale. Download the show
Here's part 11 of The Turn of the Screw (and of course part 8 of Travels in the Interior of Africa). Download the Show
Greetings you sicko's, Okay, that was a bit harsh, but lets face it you're only here because you're stuck at home and looking for anything to listen to. Anything! Download the show
Here's episode 308, with more of "The Turn of the Screw" and "Travels in the Interior of Africa", lots of juicey goodness! Download the show
Eh up! Here's episode 307 of the Cthulhu Podcast, which should keep all you damn dirty cultists happy for a few hours. :) Today we continue to follow Mungo Park in his travels across the interior of Africa, and the next part of The Turn of the Screw. Down
Here is the next episode of the podcast, with Mungo Par's adventuers in the old world Africa, and continuing the Turn of the Screw. Download the show
Here's the very next part of the podcast. In this most excellent of episodes are the next parts of "The Turn of the Screw", and Mungo Park's "Travels in the interior of Africa". Download the show
Greetings and welcome to the new year! Hopefully this year will be when Great Cthulhu rises from his sleep to bring us all home...into his belly! In this episode we continue The Turn of the Screw, and Travels in the Interior of Africa. Enjoy! Download the
Greetings Dear Listeners In this episode we continue the creepy story "The Turn of the Screw" and start a new memoir of adventure, as we follow Mungo Park in his "Travels in the Interior of Africa". Download the show
Greetings In today's episode we finish off Shackleton's book, "South" and wade out into the mystery of "The Turn of the Screw" with chapters 2 and 3. Download the show
It's time to start a new book today, and we're picking up the classic tale of horror "The Turn of the Screw". We're also nearly at the end of Shackleton's "South". Download the show
You lucky dirty cultists! In this episode you're getting the final two parts of Hodgeson's "The Night Land". And that's 300 episodes down, and an unknown number to come. A milestone of sorts. Download the show
299 299 - The Night Land, part 38 Sept. 13, 2019
Greetings Cultists, Here is episode 299. it has the penultimate episode of "The Night Land" and the next segment of "South". Download the show
298 298 - The Night Land, part 37 Aug. 28, 2019
Eh up, Episode 298 is here with a BOOM! ready, here it comes.... BOOM Not sure that was worth the wait. However, this episode includes the penultimate episode of the book "South" and we're only a couple of episodes away from finishing "The Night Land" too
Eh up! Hey guess what! In this episode we reach the end of the main body of "South" and start on in on the Appedixeseseseseses. Nearly there! Of course we also have part 36 of the dark and horrifying "The Night Land". Download the show
296 296 The Night Land, part 35 July 23, 2019
Here's episode 296. Its late, but I'm not dead...so ... that's a good thing, right? This episode continues the southern adventure and the scarey journey across the Night Land Download the Show